Блок №6. Вспомогательное меню (EN)

Official Internet-site of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee (minsk-region.gov.by) is posted on the Global Computer Network Internet and reflects information about basic trends and aspects of activity of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee as an organ of local authority, other local executive and regulatory organs, organs of local self-government, contains different information about Minsk Oblast, all spheres of the region's life.

The site was put into operation on March, 25 2005.

On the results of the International Specialised Exhibition «TIBO-2007» the site of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee was awarded by the «Internet-Award» «TIBO-2007» in the nomination «Government Body». Over 60 applicants competed in this category.

Official functions of the site, information flow control, content information and technical support, the site update, maintenance of the News and Events sections provides Communal Broadcasting Unitary Enterprise «Minskaya Volna» (5 Chkalov str. 220039 Minsk).

The site`s administrator - Pawel Syritski (т. 222-23-53, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )