Agro-tourism - one of the youngest and most promising opportunities for rest. Places of Minsk oblast are particularly attractive for tourists of all ages and social groups. In numerous estates of the oblast the visitors will meet: rest in the bosom of nature, national home-made cuisine, fishing, forestry and water rides and much more. You and your family will remember holidays in the countryside as the great time. Minsk oblast estates are waiting for guests at any time of the year!


Accommodation, fishing, hunting, sauna, table tennis, darts, cycling, motor boat, sports equipment rental.
v. Snuya, phone +37529 6244237, +37529 9522927


Accomodation, meals, baths
Veselovo r/c, v. Brili, phone +3751777 77723, +37529 312 71 87


Accommodation, meals, sauna, boat rental
v. Glivin, Skolnaya str., 14, phone +37529 6229745

Circle of Friends

Accommodation, meals, sauna, boat rental
v. Paseki, Chernevichi r/c, phone +37529 6635598


Accomodation, meals, baths
Glivin r/c, v. Glivin, 62 Zarechnaya str., phone +375 1777 76935, +37529 1039025


Accomodation, meals, baths
Mstizh r/c, v. Pyadan phone +3751777 78107

Martinova Gus

Accomodation, meals, culinary training, fishing, marked cycling trips, folk customs and holidays, training workshops
Pershay r\c, v. Malaya Lutinka, phone +375 29 3394755, +375 29 6137085


Accomodation, meals, excursions, picking mushrooms, berries
Pryalnicy r\c, v. Sudniki, 11 Rechnaya str., phone +375 44 7647103, +375 29 2542320, +375 1772 41321


Accomodation, entertainment events, hiking, water tours, museum of music instruments, excursions
Yarshevichi r\c, v. Tishkovshina, phone +375 29 6623833


Accomodation, baths, hiring of boats, fishing
v. Podberezye, phone 8 029 2760308

Behing the Small Bridge

Accomodation, meals, fishing, hiring of boats, shooting gallyry, ping pong, darts, picking mushrooms, berries, excursions
Sakovshina r\c, v. Zamostyany, 63, phone +375 29 6630063, +375 29 8558109


Accomodation, meals, picking mushrooms, berries, sports equipment, baths, workshops, corporate events, weddings
Rakov rural council, v. Kuchkuny, phone +375 17 2397021, +375 29 6397021


Meals, accomodation, fishing, mini-zoopark, horses, baths
v. Labody, 9, phone 771-00-38

At Lake Selyava

Accomodation, family and corporate events and leisure, meals, baths, sports equipment, boat rental
v. Kolodnitsa, 97 Centralnaya str., phone +375 29 6353529, +375 29 6671040, +375 17 9649759

Aronova Sloboda

Accommodation, food, sauna, playground, corporate holiday excursions
Papernya r\c, v. Aronova Sloboda, Naberezhny lane, 3, phone +37529 2017140, +37529 6416976

Sauna at your choise

Accommodation, food, fishing, swimming in the lake, pool, sports court, the owners speak foreign languages, vegetables and fruits from the garden
Papernya r\c, v. Semkovo, Sadovaya str., 150, phone +37517 5031198, +37529 6196404


Accommodation, sauna, corporate recreation, tours, master class on playing musical instruments
Zaslavl, Minskaya str., 46, Phone +37529 6318569

Valley Comfort

Accommodation, meals, corporate holiday, apiary, you can swim, ride horses, playground, sauna, owners speak foreign languages
Papernya r\c, v. Semkovo, Parkovaya str., 12, phone +37517 5031556, +37529 1646169


Accommodation (with children and animals), food, bath, playground, corporate recreation, fishing
Papernya r\c v.Kohanovschina,13, phone. 682-10-51

At Rodnikovaya

Accommodation, meals alone, swimming in the lake, fishing, playground, pool, the owners speak English, sauna, apiary
Goran r/c, v. Aksakovschina, Rodnikovaya str., 5, phone. +37529 6362466, +37517 5097537


Accomodation, fruit and vegetables from the garden, the hosts speak English, courtyard, playground, sauna, hunting, corporate holiday
Lugovo Sloboda r\c, v. Prilesye, Lesnaya str, 21, phone +375 29 6438373


Accommodation, meals, corporate recreation, playground, sauna, owners speak foreign languages, vegetables and fruits from the garden
Papernya r\c v.Priluki, Ozerny lane,4, phone. 656-22-02

At the Oak-Tree

Accommodation, sauna, corporate recreation, sightseeing, vegetables and fruits from the garden
Loshany r/c, s. Novinka, Shkolnaya str., 7, phone +37529 7587172

At Iyich

Accommodation, food, sauna, playground, corporate holiday excursions
Papernya r\c, v. Luskovo, Zelenaya str., 3, phone +37529 622-14-20


Accomodation, 2 arbors, (barbecue, outdoors grill)
Radoshkovichi r/c, v. Vyazynka, Veremeyka str., 26, phone. +375176 793750, +37529 6356901

Landowner corner

Accomodation, sauna, 2 arbors (barbecue, outdoors grill)
Granichi r/c, v. Bolshie Bakshty, 5, phone +37529 3424713

Taiga Deadlock

Accomodation, sauna, meals, garden, arbor
Gorodok r/c, v. Vydrichi, 44, phone +375176 728148, +37529 1772934

At Ivanovich

Accommodation, a dance hall, bar (catering is possible), sauna, arbor
Radoshkovichi r/c, v. Povyazyn, 69, phone +37529 6773487, +375176 755001


Accomodation, sauna, arbor, garden, domestic animal (catering is possible)
Turleny r/c, v. Zbolotye, 10, phone +37529 6353167, +375176 755748


Accommodation, corporate events, pleasure yacht, windsurfing, trips to the tennis court
v. Pasynki , 54, phone +37517 97 36 3 42, +37529 325 30 50


Accommodation, table tennis, chess, checkers, bus trips to the National Park "Narochanski", hiking, picking mushrooms, berries, herbs
Naroch r\c, v. Naroch, Podlesnaya str., 12, phone +37517 97 55 0 39, +37517 97 49 0 84


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Accommodation, berries, mushrooms, fishing, sauna, corporate events
v. Zarechany, 30, phone +37529 6541130, +3751713 30104

Beaver House

Accommodation, berry and mushroom picking, fishing, meals
s. Maryino, str., Parkovaya, 26, phone +3751713 43594, +37529 1111149

Slutsk Ostrich

Family and corporate holidays, horse riding, acquaintance with the animal world, the organization of excursions to the sights of Slutsk region
Kirov rural executive committee v. Lesische, phone +3751795 24726


Accommodation, meals, sauna, billiards
Ozerica-Sloboda r/c, v. Boguta, +37529 150 00 00, +37529 508 60 80


Accommodation in a farmhouse. National kitchen, pool, pet grooming
Prilepy s\c, v. Lyady, Pervomayskaya str., 19, Phone +3751776 41725


Accommodation, meals, sauna, table tennis, chess, walking, visiting XVI century church, organization of excursion exploring Soligorsk with swimming pool, Ice Palace
v. Kulaki, Centralnaya str., 34, phone +37529 765 63 65


Meals, accomodation, Russian sauna, fishing, walking skiing, biking, sightseeing, picking mushrooms and berries
Polozhevichi r\c, v. Barberovka, 8, phone +37517 92 42 8 02

Sunny House

Accommodation, sauna, outdoor grill, sports area, children's play area
Uzda, Masherov str., 4, phone +3751718 55 0 90


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