A. Turchin: "The construction of social facilities is a systematic work that should not stop!"
A. Turchin: "The construction of social facilities is a systematic work that should not stop!"

One more educational institution in Minsk region has increased. Today, the educational and pedagogical complex of a kindergarten - elementary school No. 15 in Molodechno has opened its doors for pupils.


The complex was built in the developing microdistrict No. 11 "Vostochny". However, it will meet the needs of children of preschool and primary school age in a decent education not only in this, but also in the adjacent microdistricts of the city. Local residents have been waiting for this event for almost ten years.

On the day of the grand opening, the chairman of Minsk Region Executive Committee Alexander Turchin also visited the new educational institution.


- Construction of a kindergarten is an interesting and correct decision. It is important for preschoolers, children who go to primary school, as well as their parents, so that the institution is within walking distance from home, - said Alexander Turchin. - Today, 4,700 people live in the new microdistrict, more than 1,000 children. I think that the training complex will be filled in the near future. There is a good material base here, it is optimal for the tasks that will need to be performed and for modern requirements. This is a truly wonderful facility.


Traditionally, the right to cut the red ribbon and thereby open a new educational institution was given not to the management, but to the large family of Nikolai and Elena Tolkach, whose children Vladislav and Timofey will soon become pupils of the complex.

“The eldest daughter didn’t have time to study at this school, but the middle one went to grade 1 this year, and next year the younger one will become kindergarteners,” Nikolai shared. - As far as we could assess at first glance, the school is very good. We haven’t had one like this before. She is a very long-awaited gift for all residents of Molodechno.


Construction Department No. 35 started the construction of the facility at the expense of the republican and regional budgets in October 2020. And now, exactly a year later, just in time for the beginning of the second quarter, the voices of children will sound in the offices and corridors of the kindergarten-elementary school.


According to the director of the educational institution Tatyana Bursova, 8 groups for preschool children and 4 classes for students of the first stage of general secondary education will work in the kindergarten - elementary school. In the future, 16 classrooms can be opened for full demand. In total, the complex is designed for 471 people, starting tomorrow about 60 students will sit at their desks, almost the same number of kids will come to the kindergarten.


- An excellent material and technical base has been prepared for young residents of Molodechno and Molodechno district. The institution has a library, a computer class, a music room, a gymnasium and a sports hall, a swimming pool, a medical block and a canteen,” notes Tatyana Evgenievna. - If necessary, kids will be able to visit the point of correctional and pedagogical assistance and the office of a teacher-psychologist, as well as receive additional educational services.


A gift from the governor will come in very handy - a certificate for the purchase of an interactive table, which will also contribute to the development of children.


By the way, the kindergarten school is not the only facility under construction or improvement in Molodechno.

Today, the head of the central region inspected the landscaping work near the Central District Hospital, the construction of a library and a registry office, which are also very much needed by the city.


- The construction of social facilities in the region as a whole is a systematic work that should not stop. It is very important to create high-quality social infrastructure for our people. Today we have opened an educational complex in Molodechno. In the near future - a sports and recreation center in Starye Dorogi, a kindergarten in Kolodischi. Construction of new facilities has also begun. The Head of State is right to say that they need to be erected where there really is a need, because this is a big investment. For example, a kindergarten school cost more than 16 million rubles. The money is big, and therefore requires a rational approach, - stressed Alexander Turchin.


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