The number of large families in Minsk Oblast over three years has increased by almost 2.000

Thursday, 14 May 2015 14:10  |  Written by  Levko

In Minsk oblast 1499 many children were awarded the state award - the Order of Mother

In 2012, in the Minsk region, there were 10,180 families in the region are now 12,170 families with many children, which brought 39,751 minor child. As noted by experts, in the Minsk region an increase in share of second and subsequent children in the total number of births to 50%.

On January 1, 2015 introduced a new type of long-term support of large families - family capital. In the central region of his appointment has already turned 275 large families.

In the Minsk region 1499 many children were awarded the state award - the Order of Mother, including 14 - in 2015. Another 22 mothers with many state awards will be presented during a reception to celebrate the Family Day on May 15 in Minsk Oblast Executive Committee.

In accordance with the decree of 2006 mothers with many children, awarded the Order of Mother, made a one-time cash payment in the amount of five times the subsistence minimum in the average per capita income. Since 2006, such financial assistance received 551 mother of many area totaling almost Br1,5 billion. Another 22 mothers with many children receive such assistance in May 2015 in the amount of Br162,2 million.

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