Minsk Oblast formed 1032 polling stations

Under the legislation, the number of voters at one site should not exceed 3.000 persons

In the Minsk region formed in 1032 polling stations for the election of the President of Belarus, BelTA learned from Secretary of the Minsk regional commission on elections Oksana Tarand.

Of these, 37 polling stations located in the territory of sanatoriums, rest homes, hospitals and other medical facilities, and are closed, 8 polling stations will be opened in military units.

Under the legislation, the number of voters at one site should not exceed 3 thousand. People. For most areas (111) is created on the territory of one of the most densely populated areas of Minsk region - Borisov. This is followed by the Minsk district, where they formed 94 polling station in Molodechno district of 79 in Soligorsk and Slutsk districts of 69. In general, the total number of sites in the region almost at the same level as during the previous election campaign.

"Every polling station will be designed in accordance with the law, this work is already underway. It is safe to say that for the residents of Minsk Region will create all the necessary conditions in the areas. For example, the visually impaired will be able to take advantage of special information materials issued font Braille and cliches, "- said Oksana Tarand.

With the formation of regions in the Minsk region has begun the nomination of representatives to district election commissions. It will continue until 23 August inclusive. The documents on the nomination of representatives to the commission may direct the political parties and other public associations, labor collectives, citizens by submitting applications. Precinct election commissions should be formed by the district executive committees no later than 45 days before the election, that is, until August 26 inclusive.

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