On the territory of Minsk Oblast will be held regional preventive action "Become noticeable!"

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 14:14  |  Written by  BelTA

The main purpose of the event is to reduce accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists

In order to prevent accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in the dark, in the period from 15 to 25 October 2015 Traffic police of Minsk region to carry out preventive action "Become a noticeable!".

The main purpose of the event is to reduce accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, the popularization of the use of reflective elements of the population, the promotion of road safety legislation and clarification of the legal rules governing the behavior of road users.

In the course of preventive measures carried out a survey of the road network, measures to improve the organization of traffic, including in places of concentration of traffic accidents involving pedestrians are installing guardrails to ensure road safety; It focuses on the need to prevent, detect and deter violations, both by pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of vehicles that allow violations of rules of passing pedestrian crossings; special attention is paid to the presence of reflective elements pedestrians, explaining the need for the acquisition of these elements in order to ensure personal safety when driving near a roadway in the dark.

Still pedestrian collisions are predominant traffic accidents.

In the Minsk region for 9 months of the current year, 641 traffic accidents took place (2014. - 688 accident), in which 131 people died (2014. - 135), 670 - wounded (2014. - 724).

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