Vitebsk company has created a unique complex for exploration of JSC "Belaruskali"

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 14:19  |  Written by  BelTA

The range of possible application of the complex wide enough for such a dedicated device

SOOO Vitebsk "Natriks" has created a unique set of directional drilling in the mine by the order of "Belaruskali", BelTA learned from director of the company Sergey Lisov.

An innovative product developed by a group of companies FID, which includes "Natriks" and released in Vitebsk with the greatest possible degree of localization. The total weight of the unit is 7 m. The construction of the complex include motorized vehicles on tracks and three modules: a drill, a compressor (compressed air supply) and a pump (coolant supplying drilling in the area). Crew run by two specialist. Driven or truck lowered into the mine complex, after which the crew makes exploratory drilling to determine the direction of work. If applied today "Belaruskali" devices make it possible to explore the layers at a distance of 40 meters, the development of the Vitebsk plant will extend the planning horizon of up to 300 m.

A major advantage of the machine is the ability to change the direction of drilling of 360 degrees, that is, the module can be deployed in any desired direction. In addition, installing addressed security issues, exclude the possibility of detonation gases accompanying fossil deposits, which in particular true for "Belaruskalij".

Trials are complex, which will take about three months. In the course of testing under real operating conditions will, if necessary, to improve the design, and already at the end of the development will be ready for a full exploration. "Natriks" plans to develop small-scale production of mine reconnaissance of various modifications.

The range of possible application of the complex wide enough for such a specialized device, and the translation on the wheel chassis, it can be claimed for land exploration. The original domestic developments by companies of the FID allows largely overcome the dependence on imported machinery and technologies in a strategically important area of ​​the economy of Belarus.

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