Issues of ownership and land dominated by the reception of citizens of Minsk Oblast Executive Chairman

Thursday, 03 December 2015 14:18  |  Written by  BelTA

The head of the capital region will hold a reception of citizens living in Minsk region

Most of the questions that today the chairman of the Minsk regional executive committee will consider Semyon Shapiro during the regular personal reception of citizens, concerned property and land relations, BelTA has learned.
The head of the capital region holds reception of citizens living in the Minsk region. He was approached by leaders of one of the closed joint stock companies. In 2005, the organization has acquired a property in the former military town village Tsnyanka. Minsk regional executive committee gave two parcels repurchased for servicing buildings, which were later reconstructed. According to the management of the organization shall submit its application to merge the two areas as one and the other are not adjacent to each other. The disadvantage lies in the absence of official travel. Now travel is carried out on reserve lands (ie no provision for use, lifetime inheritable possession and transferred to private ownership). According to the applicants, they plan to expand production, a act of choice land.
The Management of Semyon Shapiro said that such a document is not a basis for land acquisition. Chairman of the Minsk regional executive committee Peter Yarmosh added that the company raised the question of the allocation of land area of ​​1.5 hectares for the reconstruction of production and storage facilities for the expansion of production without an auction. In this regard, Semyon Shapiro said that since December 2013 plots of land in the 50-kilometer zone of the capital, as well as in a number of localities surrounding areas are provided after the auction. The Governor explained to representatives of the legal entity that in their case, they are interested to get the land can only be this way. "Everything should be on equal terms, fair and transparent", - said the head of the field.
Man from agrotown Zhdanovichi representing the collective interests of the residents of the street Meadow, where he lives. Through it is a spillway with a significant part of the settlement, as well as the Garage-building society (GCS), and an office building. The problem is the constant flooding streets stormwater.
Representatives of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee was told that the experts studied the possibility of producing a project for the construction of the road, but this prevented the narrow width of the street. Available Now passage filled with a mixture of sand and gravel. Citizen Attention was drawn to the fact that the storm water drain in the street, this is inappropriate. At the same time, in case of non-compliance project documentation spillway from GSK and office building, the district authorities are prepared to issue appropriate instructions to eliminate violations.

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