The Republican campaign "Safe New Year!" will start on the territory of Minsk Oblast

Monday, 07 December 2015 14:17  |  Written by  BelTA

New Year is one of the most beloved and long-awaited holidays for children and adults

New Year - one of the most beloved and long-awaited holidays for children and adults. But even during the festive fun should not forget about security. It's no wonder they say, as the New Year meet, so spend it. And to be in the hospital because of firecrackers or cause to fire flared up from a Bengal fire apartment no one wants.

Pre-New Year period, accompanied by a sharp increase in the number of fires and injuries as a result of violations of fire safety rules when preparing for the holidays, careless handling of pyrotechnic products. To prevent such emergencies rescuers Minsk region from 7 to 30 December to hold the republican campaign "Safe New Year."

The action will take place in four stages. In the first phase, which starts on December 7, rescuers will visit health centers, health centers, dispensaries, rest homes, boarding houses.

The second stage of the action will take place in educational institutions, boarding schools, institutions of extracurricular activities, family-type homes from 14 to 20 December. Rescuers carry out preventive talks on the basics of life safety, thematic contests, quizzes and more.

From 21 to December 24, employees of MES will remind about the safe use of pyrotechnics in places of sale of pyrotechnic products on the indoor and outdoor ice rinks, children's health care. So pass the third phase of the action.

And on the eve of the New Year, from 29 to 30 December, will be held the final stage of the action in crowded places - railway stations, metro stations, catering, open spaces, shopping malls, markets, children's entertainment centers. Protesters congratulated everyone on coming holidays and, of course, recall the basic safety rules. In addition, participants are expected themed quizzes, contests, raffles and many other surprises.

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