Profits of enterprises and organizations of Minsk Oblast in 2015 exceeded Br12 trillion - Semyon Shapiro

Thursday, 17 December 2015 14:15  |  Written by  BelTA

Such data today led the chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro at a meeting with members of the Council of Elders at  Minsk Oblast Executive Committee

The amount of profit earned by enterprises and organizations of Minsk Region over the past period of 2015, exceeded Br12 trillion.

Such data today led the chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro at a meeting with members of the Council of Elders at the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, honorary citizens of Minsk region, representatives of the regions that have made significant contribution to socio-economic and political development in the capital region, BelTA has learned.

Semyon Shapiro said that the Minsk region is the leader in all indicators of the work of agriculture, in industrial production, gross regional product, although this figure is now more than 100%. According to the governor, the capital region is the only one in the country, which in most of the key indicators remain at the 2014 level. "Decreased wholesale trade. With regard to this quality indicator as profit, it exceeded Br12 trillion." Belaruskali "brought Br11 trillion. Profitability was at the level of 12%", - said chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee. This Semyon Shapiro noted that the payment of enterprises on bank loans in the current year amounted to Br22 trillion, so that you can judge the substantial credit burden on them. The loan portfolio of the economy in the capital region exceed Br340 trillion, more than half of it make deposits. One of the principal tasks of Semyon Shapiro called the desire to prevent the outflow of capital from the region. Participants of the meeting also said that in 2015 in Minsk region has built more than 1.1 million square meters of housing.

Who headed the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee in 1986-1994 years Alphonse Tsishkevich noted achievements in agriculture in the capital region in the current year, with a harsh climate. According to him, the most revealing agrarians harvested grain harvest of 2 million 177 thousand. Tonnes. Chairman of the House of Representatives in 1996-2000 Anatoly Malofeev believes that the Capital Region should maintain its leading position in the country in various areas. He recently visited the regional festival-fair of rural workers "Dazhynki-2015" and concluded that the care of agrarians and other industries grew up in a large system, also on a high level are working with people. Anatoly Malofeev sure that modernity requires new steps and fundamentally different approaches to the work of each.

The meeting lasted more than an hour. In the course of its development prospects were discussed comprehensively in the capital region, raised a number of issues of medicine, education, culture, use of international experience in various fields. Semyon Shapiro answered all the questions invited.

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