In Krupki region, a mobile first-aid station will operate at the beginning of 2016

Friday, 18 December 2015 14:11  |  Written by  BelTA

Currently, measures are being taken to inform the public about the operation of the mobile first-aid station in a particular locality

Mobile medical complex - FAPs (FAP), which is unparalleled in Belarus will start in Krupki district, Minsk region in January 2016, BelTA learned from deputy head of the Minsk City Executive Committee Mikhail Vishnevetskii health.

The pilot project for the implementation of the health sector a new kind of health care will be implemented in Uhvalskom Krupsk village council area in the service area Uhvalskoy medical ambulance. Michael Vishnevetskii explained that in the Minsk region have FAP, where the population served range from 200 to 250 people. At the same time, regulations should, to one midwifery centers served 900 people in a radius of about 5 km. The purpose of the project Krupki area - to study the experience of medical care of the population living in remote areas. Some of them are located at a distance of about 40 km from the central district hospital.

"On the territory of Uhvalskogo village council are three FAP - Staroslobodskaya, Denisovichsky and Vydritsky - with a total population served about 900 people - said the deputy chief. - Any questions to the state of the buildings of the FAP, with security of these institutions specialists with secondary medical education, as well as provision of housing in rural areas. Therefore, to improve the quality and accessibility of health care, it was decided to acquire and use a mobile medical complex. " He will be on the balance sheet Krupskaya central district hospital. Behind him will be assigned a paramedic.

FAP is equipped with internet-based PAZ. In the mobile medical facility has three cabinet. The first - the room waiting to receive visitors. The second - a paramedic room, where examination of the patient is carried out and research - control of temperature and pressure, electrocardiogram and other manipulation. The third room - combined (obstetric and procedural). There will be held a pelvic examination carried out by injection and, in addition, possible biological media fence. In addition, places for doctors of various specialties, who will carry out the reception according to the schedule. The difference from the stationary mobile FAP is the lack of physiotherapy cabinet.

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