The shops in Minsk Oblast is not marked rise in prices in the New Year's Eve - Executive Committee

There is a constant monitoring of the trade. The store offers a wide range of products

In commercial facilities in Minsk region is not marked rise in prices in anticipation of the Christmas holidays, BelTA learned in the management of trade and services of the regional executive committee.

The level of prices in the stores is controlled by the regional executive committee. There is a constant monitoring of the trade. The store offers a wide range of products. They are provided with everything necessary for smooth trade and meet the increased demand of buyers in the holidays, says the management.

As the head of the department of trade, catering and services department of trade and services Minoblispolkoma Elena Chebotar, retail facilities throughout the metropolitan region, regardless of ownership offer shares at lower prices for food and nonfood products. The size of discounts - from 5 to 50%. "In the pre-holiday is active work on realization of the goods involved in promotions, discounted products. Virtually every business entity in the acute competition for the buyer to seek to provide a more loyal to the conditions for the acquisition of goods", - she said. This expert did not rule out that some stores and retail chains can reduce the retail price of certain products and more than 50%. Dimensions discounts vary as shops hold shares jointly with manufacturers or their own. "Many retail facilities in the cities of the region declare their common days rebates 29 and 30 December," - added Helen Chebotar.

In general, in the Minsk region trading enterprises and scheduled more than 1 thousand. Pre-holiday activities (sales, stock, trade fairs), including more than 50 trade fairs, and it will be fulfilled, assured Minsk Oblast Executive Committee. As for the New Year fairs, the weather conditions allow them not only indoors but also outdoors. The department noted the high demand for trade fairs, which are the most focused on the satisfaction of consumer demand. In addition, the Minsk region continue to operate more than 60 Christmas markets and the place of sale of Christmas trees. Pass the exhibition and sale of culinary and confectionery products, tastings and master classes.

In general, all retail facilities operating normally. Local executive authorities in accordance with entities coming from the request for renewal mode take appropriate decisions.

By the New Year in the shops of the Minsk region a wide range of Christmas decorations, souvenirs and other items of similar subjects, created supply of champagne. Commercial accept orders for manufacturing of food products, according to the customer form New kits.

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