New enterprises of Minsk Oblast in 2016 plan to employ 6.900 people

This allows for a more efficient employment of the population, creates the conditions for the registration of new entities

In the Minsk region in 2016 it is planned to employ new jobs created enterprises 6.9 thousand. People. This December 29 Chairman of the Economy Committee of the Minsk regional executive committee Pavel Yukhnevich at a joint meeting of the regional executive committee and regional council of deputies, introducing the draft socio-economic development in the capital region for the coming year, BelTA has learned.

After hearing Paul Yukhnevich, the meeting adopted without major objections forecast indicators of socio-economic development of the Minsk region in 2016. Chairman of the Regional Committee of Economy said that the number of employed citizens to the jobs created by new businesses is one of the key indicators of the heads of government in the areas. This allows for a more efficient employment of the population, creates the conditions for the registration of new entities.

Paul Yukhnevich emphasized that the main influence on the growth of gross regional product (GRP) in 2016 in the industry will. GRP growth is calculated at the level of 100.4% in relation to the current year. Agriculture, construction and trade take up 10-12% of the total GRP. There is still a significant share in the industry will continue for the GDP-forming companies. JSC "Belaruskali" is expected to remain in production of potash fertilizers at the level of 2015. The main activity of JSC "BelAZ" is the creation of new competitive products, in particular the expansion of the new line-duty truck BelAZ-7532 to 280-290 m, mastering the production of trucks with robotic control, alternative energy sources and fuel, increase production of specialized vehicles (tractors, loaders , slag).

The leader in production growth in 2016 is expected to become the pharmaceutical industry. OAO "Borisov Medical Preparations Plant" plans reconstruction of ampoule production and release of drugs in the form of a solution for injection. JSC "Nesvizh Pharmaceutical Plant" plans to increase production by 21.7% due to the reconstruction of the production of medicines in glass bottles, in accordance with the GMP requirements and the development of new types of products.

An additional increase in production in the next year, according to Paul Yukhnevich ensure organizations realize the investment project. Among them are sooo "Brownie RP" (manufacture of furniture), LLC "Sensor-product" (fish processing), JSC "Mineral Wax Plant" (production of paraffin oils, greases, cutting fluids). Complete the implementation of the investment JV "EvipakIndastriz" for the production of stretch film.

The basic rate of increase in production of agricultural products made in the livestock sector (increase of 5.2%). The strategic direction during the forecast period will be the restoration of the pig population. Distribution network will be expanded at the expense of reconstruction, construction of new facilities - hyper and supermarkets, and shopping centers.

Socio-economic development of the Minsk region in 2016 provided for attracting foreign direct investment of $ 180 million. This will continue the implementation of major investment projects involving foreign investment, such as CJSC "BelDzhi", CJSC "company for the development of the industrial park", IOOO "Slavkaly" and others.

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