Forestries of Minsk Oblast sold more than 37.000 trees at Christmas bazaars

Monday, 04 January 2016 14:37  |  Written by  BelTA

The greatest number of Christmas firs and pines were sold by Borisov experimental forestry - 6.000

Forestries Minsk region have implemented more than 37 thousand. Christmas trees at Christmas bazaars, BelTA learned from the Minsk State Forestry Production Association (GPLHO).

The greatest number of Christmas firs and pines realized Borisov experimental forestry - 6 thousand. It also keeps the lead agency for the implementation of fir trees in tubs, pots and barrels, which sold 510.

The top three on the implementation of the firs and pines are included Smolevichi Forestry Enterprise (3,6 thous.) And Volozhin Forestry (3 thous.). Since the beginning of Christmas markets on December 22 in the capital region purchased 880 Christmas bouquet of branches of conifers.

In 2015, organized by forestry 234 Christmas market, including in the cities of Minsk region - 58 in Minsk - 12, in forest areas - 164.

Christmas tree up to one meter was worth not less than Br48 thousand. Its maximum price - Br105 thousand. The cost of the trees from the meter to the two varies from Br60 thousand. Up to Br144 thousand. Trees from two to three meters sold for Br83-165 thousand., Three up to four meters - for Br110-300 thousand. As noted by the interlocutors, the greatest demand, according to tradition, spruce and pine are up to two meters.

The Minsk GPLHO said that the influx of buyers who want to choose trees for the New Year holiday in the woods, was noted. According to Article 15.22 of the Administrative Code, unlawful destruction or damage of trees and shrubs to the extent of the cessation of growth punishable by a fine of 5 to 50 basic units, on the individual entrepreneur - from 20 to 200 BV, as a legal entity - from 50 to 300 BV.

On the eve of the offensive in 2015 forestries Minsk region implemented more than 41 thousand. Christmas trees.

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