Emergency Situations Ministry has banned the operation of large shopping centers due to snow on the roof

Objects of trade were recognized as potentially dangerous

MOE issued a prohibition in some shopping centers in the Minsk region due to unsafe operation of roofs, BelTA learned from the regional emergency department.

"At the meeting of the Commission for Emergency Situations at the Minsk regional executive committee, which was held the evening of January 15 at the request of the chief of the Minsk regional emergency department imposed a ban on the exploitation of a number of large shopping centers to ensure the safe operation of roofs", - informed the management.

Objects of trade were deemed potentially dangerous because of the lack of control over the condition of the roof and did not take action to clean up the snow. The list includes shopping centers such as the "Crown" and "Euroopt" Borisov "ALMI" Molodechno "Rainbow" in Slutsk. As noted the agency, only then the leaders began to snow removal, although to do so they must have been once. This is a forced measure, as examples where the roof could not withstand the weight of snow, a lot of the country and abroad.

"Emma" will bring more snow. Snow depth will increase by 10-15 cm. No chance for error, because at stake is human life, and therefore it was appropriate decision ", - stressed in the regional UMCHS.

Specialists also informed that all educational institutions today will work on the plan, but, if necessary, the local authorities will decide on the abolition of classes. At the moment, all snow removal equipment is in full readiness in the case of heavy snow will be as involved.

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