The two medals won Belarusian Cup skiers on Eastern Europe "Raubichi"

East European Cup ski races held since 2008. This season includes four stages

We host the competition awards on account of Julia Tikhonova and Mikhail Kuklin. Julia won bronze at the distance of 5 km classical style on the first day of the tournament, running it for 14 minutes. 18 sec. Michael with the result of 3 minutes. 42.64 sec. took third place in the sprint race at the 1.5 km second day.

On Cup Eastern Europe "Raubichi" three competition days competed for 18 medals, 16 of which Russian skiers. The final form of the program of the tournament - skiathlon - men celebrated the victory of Andrei Melnichenko. 10 km classic and 10 km freestyle Russians ran for 50 minutes. 01.82 sec. The second and third steps of the podium took his teammate Evgeni Dementiev (50 min. 02.10 sec.) And Raul Shakirzyanov (50 min. 03.03 sec.). Best of Belarusians in this race was Mikhail Semenov, he took fourth place (50 min. 03.52 sec).

Women in skiathlon (5 km classical and 5 km free style) won three prizes as Russian athletes. Daria Vedenina won gold (28 min. 39,30 sec.), Yelena Soboleva (28 min. 39.50 sec) won the silver medal, Maria Davydenkova (28 min. 39.80 sec.) Closed the top three. The Belarusian team has shown the best time Mayngart Anastasia (29 min. 25.90 sec.), Finishing sixth.

For many Belarusian skiers in the competition "Raubichi" qualifying began at Youth and Junior World Championship, providing an opportunity to compete with strong foreign athletes.

East European Cup ski races held since 2008. This season includes four stages. The first took place in late November in the Top Thea (Khakassia, Russia). Second due to too warm weather in Krasnogorsk New Year's Eve was canceled. The third stage took place in "Raubichi." A fourth is scheduled for February 25-29 in Syktyvkar.

The organizers of the tournament are the International Ski Federation, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Minsk City Executive Committee, National Olympic Committee, the Belarusian Ski Union, the Belarusian Federation of ski races.

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