Rudensk and Smolevichy will among the first to develop satellite towns of Minsk

Dwelling houses will get a brand new look, when you build a house in the satellite towns can not only citizens of Minsk, but also other citizens

This January 19 told the deputy chairman of the Committee on Architecture and Construction of Minsk City Executive Committee - the chief architect of Minsk Region Alexander Volovich, commenting on the decree №13, which approved the scheme of the complex territorial organization of the regions and general plans of satellite cities of Brest, Grodno and Minsk, BelTA has learned.

The development of satellite cities of Minsk will be at the expense of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and the Minsk city executive committee. "For the satellite cities of Minsk now developed a new architectural environment. It is assumed the construction of a new type of city, - said Alexander Volovich. - Residential buildings will become a completely new look, and build housing in the satellite towns can not only citizens of Minsk, but also other citizens."

The chief architect of the region noted that the development of the settlement system in the satellite towns will allow to keep the territorial growth of the capital and give impetus to the socio-economic transformation of small towns suburban area of ​​Minsk, allowed to form metropolitan area. Satellite towns will have a smaller scale, but more attractive architecture of low-rise buildings, a higher level landscaping and beautification, a high level of social comfort.

Decree provides for the development of satellite towns in two stages: by 2020 and the second until 2030. It starts with the Smolevichi and Rudensk. It is planned that by 2020 the population will reach 23 thousand Smolevichi., Rudensk - 20.8 thousand. By 2030, these values ​​increase accordingly up to 30 th. And 80 th. Today Smolevichi live 15.6 thousand. Residents, Rudenskaya - 11 5 thousand. It is envisaged the development of appropriate social infrastructure - kindergartens, schools, health institutions and others. In satellite towns will not only modernize existing enterprises, but also accommodate a new generation of industrial zones - industrial parks, industrial clusters.

Development of Smolevichi is closely linked to the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park, the first phase of which will create about 25 thousand. Jobs. Missing workforce (10-12 thous. People) is planned to attract from Minsk. Reconstruction and expansion of the National Airport Minsk will create several thousand additional jobs by 2020. With regard Rudensk, it will focus on the development of industry-related research and production facilities of the capital. It can accommodate large enterprises forming clusters of specific sectoral focus (engineering, energy, etc.).

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