New forest in Minsk Oblast for the year will be planted on area equal to 5.000 football fields

The area of new forests in Minsk Oblast in 2016 will be approximately at the level of last year

New Forest in the Minsk region in 2016 landed on the area exceeding 3.9 thousand. Ha, BelTA learned from the chief engineer for reforestation and reclamation of the Minsk State Forestry Production Association (GPLHO) Eugene Skuratovich.

According to him, reforestation in the Minsk region in 2016 are planned at 4.3 thousand. Ha. It provides for sowing and planting of forest crops. No less important are in the process of activities to promote natural development of forest areas and their conservation. The specialist noted that in the metropolitan area for some time there is a tendency to a decrease in volumes of forest planting, felling planned selectively. All this contributes to natural reproduction of forest fund. However, next spring forestries again actively begin planting trees at logging sites.

The area of ​​new forests in Minsk region in 2016 will be approximately at the level of last year. Sowing and planting of trees will be carried out on more than 3.9 thousand. Ha. This area corresponds to the area of ​​5 thousand. Football fields in which there are official international football matches. On other areas where reforestation is planned, it will take measures to promote and preserve the forest areas. By species composition is planned to establish plantations of Scots pine (more than 40% of the total), Norway spruce (28%), hardwood: English oak, ash, maple - (10-12%). In addition, in the forests of the region's planned landing small amounts of birch, linden, alder (3-4%).

Eugene Skuratovich also noted that the forestry enterprises of Minsk region actively works to improve the breeding and seed production base. Last year it was harvested 18.2 tonnes of seeds, including conifers - 6,8 m. Seeds with improved genetic characteristics generally harvested 1155 kg (conifers - 450 kg, hardwood - 705 kg).

In 2015, in the central region of the country, 8.1 thousand. Hectares of young forests was transferred to the category of economically valuable tree plantings. This year it is planned to transfer into this category more than 6.3 thousand. Ha.

The area of ​​the forest fund in the Minsk region is about 1.5 million hectares. The composition of the Minsk GPLHO includes 19 state forestry agencies, one specialized forestry institution, more than 160 forestry.

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