Training of professional hockey players and figure skaters plan to start in Zhodino

The place where they are based will be covered ice rink, put into operation in 2015

Department of sports schools for hockey and figure skating can be created in Zhodino. The place where they are based will be covered ice rink, commissioned in 2015, BelTA learned from Chairman of Zhodino City Executive Committee Mikhail Omelyanchuk.

"On the basis of the ice rink children have taught figure skating and ice hockey. I think in the future you can create hockey school, and maybe figure skating. The main thing that it was in demand", - said Mikhail Omelyanchuk.

The Education Department of Sports and Tourism of Zhodino Executive Committee said that the section of figure skating is attended by children from 3 to 8 years. Classes are held twice a week for a fee. Also, for a fee twice a week on the ice surface Zhodino classes in the sports section Hockey. It involved the boys, whose age is not less than 5 years. Documents for opening offices in a hockey sports schools Zhodino are being coordinated by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. Subject to a positive decision, classes will be held free of charge, but parents of young hockey players will need to purchase original equipment with their own money. Experts assured that coaching and teaching staff selected and ready to get to work.

According to the chairman of Zhodino City Executive Committee, self-sufficiency of the ice surface in this period stands at 52%. This work continues to study the experience of similar sites in other regions in order to improve the operational efficiency of Zhodino sports facilities.

Ice rink is a branch of the State Institution "Specialized Children and Youth School of Olympic Reserve Zhodino." In the structure of the object hockey box, administrative facilities (locker rooms, showers, medical rooms, rental, office sharpening skates), cafes. In Zhodino there are three youth sports schools which received the development of species such as rowing and canoeing, judo, sambo, athletics, weightlifting, football.

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