In Kletsk district plans to develop swimming in a professional manner

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 14:17  |  Written by  BelTA

To implement these plans need to pick up the teacher-trainer, an appropriately qualified

In one of the youth sports schools Lutsk plans to create navigation department, which will be the starting point of the development of the sport at the professional level in the area. BelTA learned from deputy head of the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of the Kletsk district executive committee Sergey Alekseichik.
"Classes pupils swimming department planned to organize on the basis of a 25-meter pool Kletsk sports and recreation center (FOC), - said Sergey Alekseichik -. To implement these plans need to pick up the teacher-trainer, an appropriately qualified Furthermore, there is no pool on the basis of FOC. to teach children in groups of initial preparation depth of 30-40 cm. to remove this obstacle to the opening section of the planned reconstruction of the mini-pool Kletsk nursery-garden №2 ".
Deputy Head of the Department of Sports and Tourism of the Kletsk district executive committee has not yet started to call a specific time frame started swimming department. However, he clarified that the main pool and pool for children's education will be in walking distance, so any inconvenience this should not bring.
Last year, repairs were carried out in the pool Kletsk FOC, which spent more than Br1,3 billion, with most of the funds allocated from the regional budget. Replacement of sewer systems and water supply pipe, wall decoration is made of modern analogs, installed new entrances doors, replaced ceiling. Considerable amount of work carried out in bathrooms and showers. Acquired a new kind of pool deck, which completely replaced wall tiles and installed new gutters overflow. Renovated in the sauna, locker room and other rooms.
At the moment, the maximum depth of the pool Kletsk FOC - 3.15 m (minimum - 1.2 m). There are 6 tracks for training process (for competitions - 4). The flow of children and adults who visit the sports facility, does not dry out. Low cost of season tickets for the swimming pool attracts fans of a healthy lifestyle. In the pool engaged students sports clubs, physical training lessons are organized for students in the general secondary education institutions. Deliveries of the latter in the FOC is carried out in the day time from almost all rural schools Kletsk district. "Loading a large pool, but would like to do even more in the overall reconstruction of the sports facility will continue." - Shared plans Sergei Alekseichik.
As reported in the management of sports and tourism of Minsk City Executive Committee, in the Minsk region there are 13 branches of swimming (in the Youth -11, in the Sports School - 2), which deals with 1748 students. The training process is provided by 64-teacher trainer.

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