The largest transaction in BATE was the transfer of Pavel Nekhaichik - A.Kapsky

The effectiveness of the purchase or sale of football can only be assessed over time

Efficiency of buying or selling player can only be assessed over time. The biggest transfer deal was the transfer of Paul Bate Nekhaichik in Moscow "Dynamo", that brought about 3 million euros. This was told the head of JSC "BATE" and the club Anatoly Cape on February 9 at the program "Close-up" on "Belarus 1" TV channel, BelTA informs.

Continuing the theme of transfer, Cape noted that recently appeared in the BATE Serbian footballer 22-year-old Mirko Ivanic, of which has been paid a lot of money, about 1 million euros. Guide Borisov club hopes that the promising rookie strengthen the team game. According to the Cape, thanks to the success of FC BATE Borisov in the Champions League is possible to provide assistance and the holding companies.

One of the most successful managers of Belarus believes that the country can make progress at all levels, if the heads of the various areas will work with full dedication, effectively using innovative approaches in all areas of activity - this also applies to the economy, and sport. Anatoly Cape also said that he is a supporter of an authoritarian leadership style, because it is not just watched as, like, good leaders are often unable to defend its position in the major issues on which there is then a lot of problems. Cape also stressed that does not aspire to the highest echelons of power. His closest living working with people when you can directly communicate their thoughts and ideas. With regard to the current crisis, that is, the universal advice: pay earned, and earn more. Much depends on the leaders. Often, they lose confidence in the future. It is necessary to fight, to keep teeth, save more, said Anatoly Kapsky.

Chairman of the Board of the best football club in Belarus last year said that in contrast to the legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson, who could run the footwear at the player's level of Beckham, relies more on "blow by".

Talking about the future prospects of FC BATE, its leader expressed hope that the team will be back in the new season in the leading positions.

His teachers in the life of Anatoly Cape considers parental grandfather, and in football - the coach Yuri Puntus, under whom the players regenerate BATE achieved its first significant success in the championship of Belarus, and in the international arena. "I am not a hunter and fisherman, it is football, love to which childhood instilled father is a huge part of life at the same time, football, and sport in general, helps to look with optimism to life, to overcome the most difficult steps." - Said Anatoly Cape. He also stressed that he is happy that lives in sovereign Belarus, in other countries, many of the planned might not happen.

This year, FC BATE Borisov will celebrate the 20th anniversary, and its main "engine" Anatoly Cape February 19 will celebrate its 50th anniversary. BATE Borisov is a 12-time champion of Belarus and constantly plays in the most prestigious cup tournaments of the Old World - the Champions League and Europa League.

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