Preparation of farm machinery for field work in Minsk Oblast will be completed by February 20

This year for the first time raised the requirements for acceptance of combined units

Preparation techniques for spring field work in the agricultural organizations of the Minsk area is scheduled for completion by 20 February, BelTA learned from deputy chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Food, Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Sergei Yurkevich.

"The task before the February 20 put on the readiness of equipment line," - said Sergey Yurkevich.

By sowing in the region are preparing tractors, combined tillage sowing machines, machines for applying mineral fertilizers, seeders, potato and other equipment. "On the special control is troubleshooting power tractors already repaired 85% power tractors and 68% of the combined sowing units.", - Said the deputy chairman of the regional committee. According to him, this year for the first time raised the requirements for acceptance of combined units: each of them will be allowed to work only after the conclusion of the regional commissions and signing relevant acts chiefs of regional departments of agriculture and food. Such a measure designed to increase the responsibility for the quality of the preparation of the technical means.

Sergey Yurkevich also said that already spent about Br100 billion for training and repair of machinery for spring field work of the Minsk region farms "In order to fully prepare for all the works, including more recent - for sowing maize, it is necessary for about Br110 billion.", - He stated .

Preparing for spring sowing has already completed Kletsk, Minsk, Nesvizh, Slutsk district. mobile teams, whose composition preferably comprises representatives Gostekhnadzor inspections for constant monitoring equipment ready to enter the work field.

"According to preliminary calculations, the sowing of early grain crops in the Minsk region is scheduled for 10 days, - said Sergey Yurkevich -. In connection with the predicted early spring, the emphasis in the first field work will be done to preserve moisture in the soil for this will be loosening the upper layers. that will prevent excessive evaporation of moisture. "

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