Borisov experimental forestry acknowledged as the best in Minsk Oblast on the basis of 2015

Luban and Minsk forestries laso have high results

Borisov experimental forestry named the winner in the regional competition for the implementation of socio-economic development for 2015 among forestry agencies. BelTA was told in the Minsk State Forestry Production Association (GPLHO).

"Borisov experimental forestry handed the challenge Red Banner of the Minsk State Forestry Production Association and the Minsk regional committee of trade union of forest workers, - the experts -. In the national ranking on the results of 2015 among the forestry enterprises of the Ministry of Forestry Borisov experimental forestry took fourth place, and in the ranking of permanent forest nurseries - the first ".

As told in the Minsk GPLHO, Borisov experimental forestry has also achieved the best result in the implementation of seed production and nursery economy. The volume of its sales exceeded Br1,6 billion. The strong performance also in Luban Minsk and forestry enterprises (for Br1,3 billion).

Minsk GPLHO became the winner in the national competition for the implementation of socio-economic development. Speaking of the important points on the results of work in 2015, spetsiality noted that for the implementation of the sectoral program on cultivation of planting material with closed root system forestries was purchased 20 thousand. Plastic cassettes for seedlings, 6 built greenhouses on an area of ​​0.18 hectares. This made it possible to grow 732 thousand. Units of standard planting material.

In addition, the union carried out significant work on the reconstruction of unverified 2014 Volozhinski nurseries and Logoisk forestry enterprises. In 2015 established permanent forest seed plantations on an area of ​​6.3 hectares, including 2 hectares of Karelian birch (Logoisk forestry) and 4.3 hectares of European larch (Kletsk, Uzda forestry).

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