The weather will not interfere with Freestyle World Cup in Raubichi

It is a great honor for the Belarusian Ski Union held a final, sixth stage, which determined all the prize-winners and winners of the World Cup

Weather conditions do not interfere with the Freestyle World Cup in "Raubichi," said General Secretary of the Belarusian Ski Union Leonid Chashchin at a press conference on the upcoming launch, BelTA has learned.
The weather was the cause of the cancellation in the current season of competitions in ski acrobatics in American Lake Placid, the final stage in the Spanish Sierra Nevada. A similar problem - the air temperature above zero - and organizers worried stage in "Raubichi", but according to their assurances, February 20, everything goes without any serious overlap.
"For the Belarusian Ski Union is a great honor to hold the final, sixth stage, which determined all the prize-winners and winners of the World Cup. Belarus is also faced with the warm weather in the middle of winter. Snow on the acceleration slope had to wear hand, so special thanks to the students and the leadership BGUFK that helped prepare "Raubichi" increasingly, together with representatives of the International ski Federation to hold a talk in the Olympic Sports Complex of the world Cup on a regular basis for this you need to eliminate the defects, primarily technical, in the preparation of the slope "-.. he told Leonid Chashchin.
Head coach of Belarus in freestyle Nikolai Kozeko also believes that, together with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and the Belarusian Ski Union will be able to "go modern methods of preparation tournament of such a high level." According to him, the sixth stage of the World Cup "Raubichi" will be an interesting part of the competitive, expect serious competition. Now comes the hard fight in the overall standings at the World Cup ski acrobatics and performances February 20th will be decisive for many ski acrobats. "The hosts of the competition was the strongest composition, with the exception of Denis Osipov, injured in the United States," - said Nikolai Kozeko.
Freestyle World Cup in "Raubichi" carried out the first time. It is planned that the competition will be attended by about 60 athletes from 11 countries: Australia, Belarus, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Switzerland and Japan. Stage kicks off with performances in qualifying in women 9.40. Finals scheduled to take place on 20 February at 14.00.
To highlight the event, more than 80 accredited journalists.

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