BATE Borisov won for the sixth time football Super Cup

New football season opens in Belarus

New football season has opened in Belarus. In the match for the Super Bowl of the country BATE Borisov for the second time in a row won Soligorsk "Shakhter", BelTA has learned.

BATE - "Shakhter" - 2: 1 (1: 0).

Judge - V.Sevostyanik (Grodno).

BATE: Chernik; Zhavnerchik, Dubra, Polyakov, Pikk Karnitsky (A.Volodko, 74), Kendysh, Ivanic, Rios (M.Volodko, 66), Rodionov (Mozolevski, 79), Stasevich (Yablonsky, 90).

"Miner": Bushma; Matveychik (Pavlov, 80), Yanushkevich, fisherman, Yurevich, Kovalev (Timoshenko, 70), Selyava, Elezarenko (Burke, 46), Asipenka (Lisakovich, 64), Stargorodsky, Janusz.

Goals: 1: 0 - Ivanic (25), 2: 0 - Rodionov (59), 2: 1 - Poles (82, own goal).

Warnings: Elezarenko (24), Kovalev (26), Karnitsky (27), Asipenka (30), Yanushkevich (50), Kendysh (57), Selyava (73).

Meeting on the artificial turf of FC "Minsk" was held in the uncompromising fight sold out in the stands cozy metropolitan arena. In the first half, both teams attacked and many times threatened the gates of each other. The account was opened in the 25th minute when Serbian midfielder rookie Borisov Mirko Ivanic filed with the left flank of the attack and the ball flew into the net, Vladimir Bushman. This episode has caused a lot of controversy, because the first one of the line judges signaled the "offside" Vitali Rodionov, who interfere with the goalkeeper, but then the chief referee Vitaly Sevostyanik decided to deduct a goal. Soon controversial episode came at the gates of Sergei Blueberries - after the transfer of the right edge of Paul Fisher sent the ball into the goal, but the capture of the gate judge will not count. After the break, BATE players controlled the match, and at the hour of possession Rodionov doubled result - 2: 0. Thereafter Oleksandr Ermakovich more relaxed, you can use the command of Sergei Nikiforenko. In a counter-attacks by miners BATE defender Denis Polyakov cut the ball into his own net. Reducing the deficit, the players of "Shakhtar" rushed to the attack, but have not been able to achieve more, again losing in the Super Bowl game.

These teams met in the same game a year ago, in Pinsk, and then the regular time ended in a draw - 0: 0, and in the penalty shoot-success achieved Borisov, zabivshie 3 goals, but their goalkeeper Sergei Chernik did not allow the opponents to hit save.

Prior to that, BATE players have won the Super Bowl five times (2010, 2011, 2013-2015), in 2012 they gave the prize "Gomel".

During the Super Bowl debate champion and winner of the Cup of Belarus. Last year, the two players have won the tournament BATE, so their opponent was a finalist of the Cup draw, "Miner".

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