More than 20 new sites for the development of roadside service objects are selected in Krupki region

Investors can arrange in these areas vehicle maintenance station, not only traditional catering etc.

More than 20 plots of land for the construction of new roadside service facilities selected in Krupki district, BelTA learned from deputy chairman of the executive committee Krupsk Yuliya Komarova.

"Are picked up more than 20 land plots for conducting auctions for the right to enter into lease agreements for the construction of roadside service," - said Yulia Komarova, adding that investors can be arranged in these regions station maintenance vehicles, and not just the traditional catering, etc. .P.

Deputy Chairman noted that the availability of land for construction of roadside service is available on the Internet at Krupki District Executive Committee and Minsk City Executive Committee, however, to talk about the implementation of any business plan is still premature. Among the projects that started earlier, in 2016 it is planned to put a cafe for 40 seats.

In Krupki area made standard on the number of food items on the roads of national importance. For example, at the optimum ratio of one object on the 30 km road on the M1 / ​​E30 highway (Brest - Minsk - Russian border) for 37 km, there are three objects on the right side and two - on the left. "Conditions are organized on all objects of roadside service in order to be able to relax, rejuvenate, get maps, traffic patterns on the Belarusian roads. It is also important that there is a terminal equipment, video surveillance, internet, telephone. Near each cafe has a parking space vehicles, including for people with disabilities is also in the region there are two areas to stop the car belonging to RUE "Belavtostrada" -. Yuliya Komarova clarified.

On the eve of the 2016 World Hockey Championship, which will take place in Russia, on objects of roadside service Krupki district, located on the highway M1 / ​​E30, activated work on the sales organization of the Belarusian souvenirs masters District House of Crafts. Her demand from tourists and visitors was also evident in Minsk before the hockey World Cup in 2014, so this experience was continued.

Investments in the objects of roadside service Krupki district for the last five years exceeded Br35 billion. The majority of investments fell on the catering. In general, in the Minsk region on January 1, 2016 worked 173 such objects, 10 were introduced during 2015.

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