Semyon Shapiro: Minsk oblast intends to maintain leadership among the socio-economic development of regions

Building a serious problem for the future and to solve them successfully Minsk region allows its potential

Building a serious problem for the future and to solve them successfully Minsk region allows its potential. The capital region is reaffirmed on the results of 2011-2015 years. On this and not only - in an interview with BelTA correspondent chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Semyon Shapiro.
- Semyon Borisovich, on the results of the past five years among the Minsk region of Belarus regions recognized by the socio-economic development leader, including the growth of gross regional product. In your opinion, what factors through field workers could achieve such success?
- According to results of the five-year rate of growth of gross regional product as a summary measure the efficiency of the economy amounted to 122.3%. I managed to get a good performance in the rate of industrial production growth (135.9%), retail trade (163.4%). In Minsk region accounts for 18% of the volume of industrial production throughout the Republic and 25% - agriculture. During this period, put into operation more than 6 million 134 thousand. Sq.m of accommodation, and it is also the highest in the country. According to the growth of real wages in the metropolitan region of the second result after Minsk, but the best among other areas - over 144%.
Behind all these numbers - the everyday work of many people, ordinary workers, specialists and managers. They provide economic and food security of the country, contribute to its progressive development. I think it is the people - the main potential of the Minsk oblast.
Given the significant share of the agricultural sector in the economy of the region, I would like to note the growth of agricultural production volumes in five years by almost 11%. The achievement of such an index facilitated primarily of large-scale production. For example, the production of livestock and poultry increased in comparison with 2011 by almost a quarter (24.5%).
It continues to dynamically develop the social sphere. Over the past five years, significantly strengthened the material and technical base of the education sector - acquired by modern teaching aids, computers and other equipment, built and reconstructed 11 institutions of preschool education by 2 thousand seats, two institutions of secondary education and 10 family-type homes..
Reforming the health care field had a positive impact on the growth of the birth rate - from 11.8 per thousand in 2011 to 13.6 per thousand in 2015. Also succeeded in reducing mortality, but the main thing is that it reduced the natural decline from minus 4.6 to minus 0.6 ppm. In five years, not allowed a single case of maternal mortality and twice reduced the infant mortality rate (up to 2.7 ppm).
We pay more attention to and development of transport infrastructure, construction and repair of roads is not only central but also local roads. In five years, introduced more than 613 km of roads and about 1.7 thousand. Meters of bridges.
- In terms of housing construction Minsk region exceeded the task for five years, and is built in the region more than, for example, in the two areas together. Due to the difficult economic situation in the country and the world as a whole program of housing construction for 2016 have been adjusted. What are the volumes of housing construction are relevant and what other objects are planned to be built?
- Minsk region for 2016 brought the job to build and put into operation 1 million 110 thousand square meters of total area of ​​residential buildings at the expense of all sources of funding.. For citizens who are registered in need of better housing conditions, carrying out housing construction with public support for the current year needs to build 200 sq. M of housing, including 53 sq. M of the state order for the program. For these purposes it is planned to send Br1015,5 billion of preferential loans. The district executive committees and the Zhodino City Executive Committee instructed to take measures to curb the rising cost of housing with government support at the expense of budgetary funds. They are focused on the use of cost-effective projects of houses typical of consumer qualities. Now the areas we are working on how to solve the problem. I am sure that will cope.
In the current year it is planned to build in the area and to put into operation 33 ZHSPK apartment houses, 24 apartment buildings in the conditions of the state order. Also in 2016 it is planned to put the school on 510 places in the village of Naroch Myadel area and a kindergarten in the Minsk region. The construction of sports and recreation complex in the Volozhin.
- In the region continues to implement a number of large investment projects, which we hope will strengthen the industrial potential of the region and the country as a whole. Tell us about the most significant of them.
- Most large-scale projects not only for the Minsk region, but in general for the country is to build a Chinese-Belarusian industrial park. Now in the industrial park "Great Stone" recorded 8 residents who plan to attract foreign investment for the realization of projects in areas such as research and development activities, logistics, nanotechnology, mechanical engineering, information and communication technologies.

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