Central event to the Victory Day will be held in Minsk Oblast on the Mound of Glory

It is expected that the event will attended by delegations of Minsk Oblast, total about 1.500 people

Regional festive event dedicated to the 71 th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, will be held at the memorial complex "Hill of Glory" 6 May, BelTA learned from the headquarters of the ideological work, Culture and Youth Affairs of Minsk City Executive Committee.

It is expected that the event will arrive the delegation of the Minsk region a total of about 1.5 thousand. Man regions. On the main site of the memorial complex will be held a solemn meeting (starting at 11.00) with the participation of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, representatives of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, raygorispolkomov, republican government, the House of Representatives and Council of the Republic. Next, a gala concert "Victory May! May Blossom". It will end the holiday program airshow Minsk aeroclub DOSAAF.

During the festive event will run themed playgrounds. Among them - "Win One for all." With the participation of professional and amateur collectives area; Playground (darts, arm wrestling, figure driving a bicycle, and others.); Playground aeromodelling sport republican state-public association DOSAAF; exhibition of technical creativity centers and patriotic education of youth educational institutions; Exhibition Center of patriotic education "Vector" (Zhodino); photo zone "generational Communication". On the lawn area will be organized trade and public catering, field kitchens with instrumental ensembles, accordion, bayan, individual soloists, costumed in military uniforms from World War II.

Plans of activities commemorating the 71 th anniversary of the Great Victory, approved in each area of ​​the capital region and in the town of Zhodino. They include more than 150 different events. For example, in honor of significant date held meetings with the participation of veterans, laying flowers at the monument to soldiers and war graves, gala evenings, gala concerts, promotions.

During the republican action "Colors of the Great Victory," which will unfold on May 8 in Minsk on October Square, it will be presented thematic platform presentation of the Minsk region, including theatrical performances, museum exhibits, mobile, flash mobs, workshops.

May 9 will lay wreaths and flowers on the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee at the memorial complex "Khatyn" and the historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line". On this day, the celebrations will be held in all cities and districts of the Minsk region. One of the most notable events will be a solemn procession in Molodechno "Belarus remembers" where participants held portraits of relatives killed in the war. Home parades scheduled for 10.00. Gathering place picked Molodechno Central area.

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