"Symon the Musician" will call the best young musicians in Minsk Oblast

It is planned that the performances will take place from 9.00 to 20.00 at the sites Stolbtsy Children Music School and District Culture Center

Open Regional festival of young musicians "Simon the Music" will be held in Stolbtsy district May 24-25, BelTA learned from the organizers of the event.

In the competition, students of children's art schools (Art School) will take part, children's art schools (art schools), students of educational institutions with a musical bent, instrumental groups and ensembles of folk direction, including groups of clubs. Contestants will demonstrate mastery of the accordion, accordion, accordion, fife, bagpipe, flute, dulcimer, domra, balalaika, guitar, violin, cello.

Listening to those who specialize in playing the folk, string and string-stringed instruments, scheduled for May 24, and will be listening to instrumental groups and ensembles on 25 May. Creative contests will be held in several age groups: younger - up to 10 years (inclusive); average - 11-13 years; older - 14-17 years. Under the terms of the competition, all participants are required to submit to the jury two diverse works, one of which must necessarily be written by Belarusian composer. It is assumed that such a product can be processing Belarusian folk song or dance.

Evaluate the performance will be a professional jury. The best performers will be awarded diplomas of I, II, III degree in each category and each age group. Grand Prix is ​​awarded to the winner among individual artists and the winner among the instrumental ensembles. The jury is entitled to award not all diplomas and its decisions are not subject to revision. Awarding of winners will be held during the gala concert on 25 May.

Among the main objectives of the festival-contest not only identification of young talented musicians and develop their creative abilities in the field of performing arts, but also to popularize the Belarusian instrumental music. Organizes competitions Main Directorate of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, Department of ideological work, Culture and Youth, Stolbtsy district executive committee and the state educational institution "Stolbtsy children's art school."

It is planned that the performances will take place from 9.00 to 20.00 at the sites Staubtsy DSHI and District Culture Center.

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