BATE will present a documentary film and a book in honor of the 20th anniversary

The highlight of the show will be a grand football match between veterans of BATE Borisov and the Italian "Milan"

Sports and entertainment festival in honor of the 72th anniversary of the liberation of Borisov from the Nazi invaders and the 20th anniversary of FC BATE Borisov on July 1 on the "Borisov-Arena", BelTA has learned.

The extensive program will begin with the premiere of the documentary film dedicated to the anniversary of the best football club in Belarus in recent years. Fans will also be presented richly illustrated book "20 years of glorious victories", which tells about the sport the way the 12-time champion of Belarus.

The highlight of the show will be a grand football match between veterans of BATE Borisov and the Italian "Milan". In the guest will be the main star of the legendary defender Franco Baresi. During his long playing career Baresi, who is now 56 years old, appeared in only one club - "Milan", where he spent 20 seasons (1977-1997 gg.), Playing 719 matches and scoring 31 goals. In 2000, he was named player of the century in Italian football. With Baresi on the field will come and famous masters such as Pietro Verkhovod, Demetrio Albertini, Daniele Massaro and other famous players. Belarus striker Vitali Kutuzov, who spoke for "Milan" in 2001-2002, now play for two clubs, because it is of the Borisov team he joined in the "Rossoneri".

During Borisov squad, game which will be led by Yuri Puntus and Igor Kriushenko, perform current and former coaches BATE Alexander Ermakovich Viktor Goncharenko, Alexander F., Vadim Skripchenko, Aleksei Baga and Dmitry Likhtarovich, for whom this match will be a farewell. Ready to revive old and unfading veteran Yuri Pudyshev and Alexander Hleb, who began his professional career in Borisov, then played in "Stuttgart", "Arsenal" and "Barcelona", and then returned to BATE.

Program decorate festive evening performances of famous domestic and foreign performers - Ani Lorak, Ruslana Alehno, Vladimir Alexandrovich and Alexei Gross. In addition, viewers will see the presentation video of Sasha Nemo "Raise your hands for BATE!" and a grand fireworks display.

For the convenience of the audience agreed with FC BATE Belarusian Railways on the organization of a night train regional lines economy class, which starts from Borisov station in 00.08 and 00.14 to arrive at the closest to the "Borisov-Arena" stopping point Peczynski. Along the route structure will make two stops (Zhodino-Southern, Zarechnoye) and gets to the Minsk-Passenger station at 01.32. How to get this free electric train.

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