Eliminated the largest in the Minsk region moonshine shop

Employees of the police department of Molodechno broken up large-scale production of moonshine, BelTA learned from the information department and Public Relations Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk Regional Executive Committee.

It seized more than 500 liters of freshly distilled liquor, and 14 tons of mash. This is the largest seizure of self-made alcohol-containing liquid in the Minsk region this year.

In the production of moonshine worked two brothers aged 39 and 40 years. The process was organized in the village Kizilova. The brothers adapted to this one of non-residential buildings. Manufacture able to provide daily a few hundred liters of alcohol, which immediately dispatched for sale. As described in the management of law enforcement and prevention ATC Minoblispolkoma, bootleggers marketed their product in bulk so-called retail implementers of Molodechno and Volozhin districts.

"At all stages of production it was not even a little bit of sanitary norms, and in fermentation used chemical additives. To get the maximum benefit and accelerate the production process, bootleggers were added to Braga in large quantities so-called activator of fermentation, resulting in Braga was ready to distillation in 3-4 days instead of 6-7 days, "- noted in the Department of Internal Affairs.

Police officers caught moonshiners immediately after the distillation.

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