Dentists from Zhodino took third place in the national competition of professional skill

Vasilina Kavalevich proved that the Republican victory in the professional skills competition, which was held in the capital on Saturday

One of the best dentists in Belarus lives and works in Zhodino. Vasilina Kavalevich proved that victory in the Republican contest of professional skills, which was held in the capital on Saturday. The third place of the young specialist ultrasound "Zhodino BTF" - a good result if we take into account that in the Republican clinical dental clinic for the palm fought recognized aces: the winners of the regional and Minsk city competition.

For the right to represent the Minsk region "on the republic" fought six teams of dentists and their assistants from Vileyka, Molodechno, Borisov, Slutsk, Soligorsk and Zhodino. Age restrictions for participation in the competition was not, and so close to the experienced doctors worked and young professionals. And they are, by the way, showed a very good technique. Almost all the finalists, who came to Minsk, quite young. Many dentists aged surrendered their positions even in the regional competitions. Organizers of the national final of such a situation is not surprising. Explains that young dentists until recently were students and learned about modern methods of treatment and oral hygiene, which are now used in their practice.

For example, Vasilina Kavalevich in Zhodino works in the specialty only the third year. dental profession to choose immediately. He says that their family did not have enough medical - decided to send her to study at the Medical University. Not deterred even a large competition. First, in tandem with his assistant Julia Pityul girl became the best in the profession among dentists in the central region, and now the whole country.

- His victory I have to some extent obliged assistant Julia - shared with reporters Vasilina. - To work in unfamiliar dental unit for the first time is always uncomfortable. And the chair unfolds not so, and the light is unusual, and the water at the tip goes in a different way. Yes, and the jury controls every stage of the work! I'm an impulsive person, and Julia - quiet, sustained. Her poise guided my work in the right direction. If I do my job every day itself, then the terms of the competition I had to help the assistant. Of course, we advance some training to work in tandem and found a common language. And it is important for the team.

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