Energy-efficient school will open on November 11 in Dzerzhinsk

The school modernization was carried out by the UNDP project for the EU funds

Energy-efficient school will open in Dzerzhinsk on 11 November. This was announced by Head of the Department of organizational and legal work and media relations of the Department for Energy Efficiency of the State Standardization Committee Vitaly Kretsky today at a press conference.

"On November 11, the grand opening after the modernization of secondary school №4 Dzerzhinsk The institution introduced new energy-efficient technologies.", - Said Vitaly Kretsky.

School Modernization carried out by the UNDP project for the funds of the European Union. Total implemented in Belarus 4 similar pilot project. In addition to the school in Dzerzhinsk it included nursery №45 in Grodno, nursery №6 in Oshmyany and Vitebsk vocational im.Shmyreva engineering college. The total amount is around 2 million euros. In addition, the co-financing provided from the local and republican budgets.

"The facilities, the full range of effective modernization: embedded renewable energy Thermohenovation, renewal facades of buildings", - said the representative of the Department of Energy. Before carrying out all activities conducted energy audits of buildings. Projects are not standard for each entity was developed a set of activities. "For example, for the school, we did not put a large number of solar electrodes, because in the summer the kids are on vacation. In Ashmyany as almost all the kindergarten roof area occupied by solar collectors, as in the garden has a swimming pool. Swimming pool is functioning at the expense of solar energy" - said Vitaly Kretsky.

November 11 is the International Day of energy saving.

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