Grain growers Smolevichi edge fully complied with the state order for the grain

On Nov. 1, its gross harvest with corn in the original recorded weight was 6062 tons with an average yield of 36.5 c/ha

However, as the chairman of the district executive committee Mikhail Smolevichsky Zagorci, due to adverse weather conditions in all agricultural organizations, there is a decrease in grain production to the level of last year. At the same time, in spite of the natural disasters, five of the nine farms received more than 40 centners of grain per hectare. The leader is RUE "Shipyany-ASK" (head Vitaly Kozlov), where the yield was 50.1 c/ha. Among the foremost AUE "Ozeritskiy-Agro" (head Nina Zheleznova) - 48.8 c/ha, and the APC "Pervomayski" (head Nikolai Kozlov) - 47.5 c/ha.

A significant contribution to the regional senior loaf made combiner OAO "Smolevichi Broiler" Alexander Saratov that the combine John Deere S690i threshed about 2 410 tonnes of grain and 292 tons of rapeseeds. The best young combiner region was Alexander Triputi (AUE "Ozeritskiy-Agro"). On the processor Lexion-560, he threshed 1379 tons of grain. Shock worked in the field and many drivers, and most grain transported Basil Kudrevich Ruslan Sudnikovich (AUE "Ozeritskiy-Agro ").

Smolevichi region entered the top three necessary. Average milk yield per cow - 5599 kg of milk. During the ten months it sold 64,666 tons, and 75.7% - Extra grade. And this is not the limit, the more that increases capacities: this year commissioned a major and is the only such in the country of dairy complex "Mglo" (JSC "Smolevichi Broiler") 4 200 cows.

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