In Minsk Oblast, about 700 pieces of machines are clearing roads from snow

In the near future for the region, the temperatureis expected to decrease to minus 15 degrees, and in some places up to minus 23

Snow removal in the Minsk region and the processing of the roadway road deicing materials are about 700 pieces of equipment, BelTA has learned.

As described in the GO "Housing Minsk region" as of 8.00 snow removal from roads carried out 221 pieces of equipment (mainly trucks, loaders) and 246 road workers. During the day, for the treatment of roads in the region consumed 557 tons of de-icing materials.

According to the Minsk regional emergency department, to snow removal from the field of roads and 460 units of equipment are involved various ministries and departments and 467 workers.

For the past day registered 5 cases of power failure in the Borisov, Vileyka, Logoisk (2) and Smolevichi districts. Supply of electricity to consumers quickly restored. According to the latest violations in the region livelihood systems have been reported.

In the near future for the region is expected to decrease in temperature to minus 15 degrees, and in some places up to minus 23. The SAI draws the attention of car owners, transport companies and drivers engaged in the carriage of passengers, the need for careful preparation of transport for traveling. Motorists need to take on the road warm clothes, a thermos of hot tea, tow rope, the charger from the onboard network, and get acquainted with the contact numbers and emergency car repair services from its repetition in the event of sudden stops and breakdowns of vehicles. The best solution is to temporarily postpone the trip, highlighted by the traffic police.

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