Innovative projects in the pharmaceutical and energy sectors will be presented at the national competition by students from Minsk Oblast

At the final stage of the republican contest of scientific biology and environmental works of students of institutions of secondary and further education of children and youth Minsk Oblast will be represented by 14 people

The right to take part in the national final of the students received, whose work has been recognized as the best on the regional stage, which started with the Year of Science in the central region. Protection Project was held at the Minsk State Regional Lyceum. The works have been devoted to the ecology of animals and plants, bioindication, resource conservation, aquatic ecosystems, experimental biology and other topics.

"The jury noted the high level of research focused on the study and conservation of biological diversity of the region, solving urgent environmental problems, the development and implementation of advanced biological and environmental technologies", - noted in the management of education.

The winners of the Minsk regional stage will protect their own projects, the problems that affect potato yields, the use of goldenrod as a promising raw material for the national pharmaceutical and energy, the study of rare and endangered species and so on.

Competition of scientific biology and environmental work carried out for the 28th time. His goal - the development of scientific-research activities of students as an effective means of improving the quality of education and all-round development of the personality.

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