The 30th National Running Festival "Yazylic Ten" took place in Starye Dorogi

Despite the fact that the festival is amateur, this year it gathered more than two thousand participants and a lot of spectators

The national jogging festival "Yazylic ten" has been held in the Old Roads for 30 years. Despite the fact that the festival is amateur, this year it gathered more than two thousand participants and a lot of spectators.

It was from such tournaments that athletes who got to the national team in athletics were once started - Nina Savina, Marina Domantsevich, Olga Kravtsova, Vladimir Pryamov, Ilya Slavinsky and others.

Many people know about the glorious and good traditions of the Starodorozhsky Running Festival. Established in 1988 in the village of Yazyly by the physical education teacher (and now the director) of the Yagilsky secondary school Nikolai Gruzd and the sports school coach Sergey Zykov, the race has been gaining momentum every year and gathering more and more participants. The festival has long been a real brand of the Starodorozhsky district.

Everyone who has medical admission could take part in the competition, and age does not matter. Their strength was tested by the smallest runners - kids from 4 to 6 years in a distance of 60 meters. After each run, children were awarded memorable prizes, and the winners were awarded on the podium. A little later, the guys started 7-10 years at a distance of 500 m. The boys in the age category from 11 to 17 years ran "School Run" - 2.5 kilometers. For employees of enterprises and organizations, they organized a corporate run (2500 meters). He was won by the team of the Slutsk District Executive Committee. But the main race was truly a historical distance - "Yazylic ten" (10 kilometers).

Pulled along the city center route was a serious test, even for regulars of super long starts. None of the professionals could compete with the athlete from Ukraine Nikolai Yukhimchuk. Most of the distance he stayed ahead of everyone, and closer to the finish and completely went to the lead, ahead of the best of Belarusians - Stepan Rogovtsov - 24 seconds. The third place in the distance was taken by Vladislav Pryamov from the national track and field team.

The girls were hardier. The awards of the "Yazyleskaya ten" were played between the champion of Belarus in the long distance race Nina Savina (1st place), Irina Somova (2nd place) and Ekaterina Korneenko (3rd place). After the finish even the strongest stayer paid tribute to the difficult terrain.

The organizers of the competitions are the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, the Sports and Tourism Department of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, the Starodorozhsky Regional Executive Committee, the Belarusian Athletics Federation, the Belarusian Public Association "Veterans of Physical Culture and Sports", the Minsk Regional Association of Trade Unions.

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