Employee of JSC "BATE" M. Moroz was one of the first to drop a ballot in the ballot box

On the second day of early voting in the elections to the local Councils of Deputies of the 28th convocation, correspondent "A" visited the polling station No. 32, which is located in the Culture Palace of JSC "BATE".

As the chairman of the precinct commission of the polling station No. 32 V. Wenig, there are registered 1887 voters, 107 of them made their choice on the first day of early voting.

"Voters who vote first, we give presents: discount coupons to stores, season tickets to the gym and a fitness center," Vladlen Andreevich said. - For young people who participate for the first time in the elections, we also prepared souvenir products. I want to note that everything passes without violations, on the part of observers there are no remarks.

Employee of JSC "BATE" M. Moroz was one of the first to drop a ballot into the ballot box:

- It is very convenient that we have the opportunity to vote ahead of schedule, since we are leaving the city with my family this coming weekend. Therefore, on a day off from work, I came to the station from the very morning. A discount coupon, which I was given, very pleased.

Pensioner L. Kot cat also voted early:

- I really wanted to fulfill my civic duty and vote for people for whom priority will be the peaceful sky overhead and the bright future of the Belarusians. I take responsibility responsibly to the elections, because I consider this an important event in the life of every citizen of our country. And it's very convenient to vote ahead of schedule, there is not a large crowd of people, you can slowly study information about candidates, talk with like-minded people.

I.N. Lazarev two months ago became a great-grandfather. Today he gave his vote for a bright future for the great-grandson of Kolya and all Belarusians.

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