Stadler rolls out four-car train for Minsk metro

Train cars are painted in the colors of the coat of arms of Minsk

Stadler and the Minsk Metro presented the first four-car train for the local metro, BelTA has learned.

The new rolling stock has been designed by Stadler Minsk. Train cars are painted in the colors of the coat of arms of Minsk. The concept is based on the principle of modularity that gives a possibility for the Minsk metro to have trains from four cars to eight cars. The length of a four-car train is 78.4m, that of a five-car train is 97.65m. The number of seats is 168 and 212 respectively. The maximum width is 2.65m and height 3.69 m.

Warranty period is 560,000km from commissioning. Modern trains are in compliance with all requirements in part of safety, comfort, operation and maintenance. Stadler Minsk will carry out a series of tests on its grounds and then send the first train to one of the Minsk metro depots for static and dynamic commissioning tests. Acceptance tests will be carried out by specialists of Stadler Minsk and testing facilities with the assistance of the Minsk metro.

In January 2017, Minsk Metro and Stadler Minsk signed an agreement for the delivery of ten trains for the city of Minsk. The order volume comprises six four-car and four five-car vehicles. Delivery of the first six trains is planned for 2019. The entire batch is to be delivered by 2020 in accordance with the delivery schedule. New trains will be used on the operating and future metro lines with the prospect of gradual replacement of the current fleet.

Founded more than 75 years ago, the Swiss company Stadler Rail Group has been one of the leading European manufacturers of railway rolling stock. The company has over 8,500 employees. Stadler operates affiliated companies in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czechia, Belarus, service centers in Switzerland, Algeria, Italy, Austria, Hungary, and the Netherlands.
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