MRUE «Agrokombinat Zhdanovichy» 

2200003, Minsk, Vyshelessky str., 1 

Phone: +375 17-508-82-82 

fax: +375 17-285-27-25 

Director: Gregory Chuiko 

Type of activity: Production of vegetables on closed and open soil, grain, milk and meat cattle. 

Export: Vegetables of closed (tomatoes, cucumbers) and open (potatoes, carrots, beet, cabbage, onions) soil. 

Import: Components for production of greenhouse vegetables (mineral wool, fertilizers), vegetable seeds, agricultural machinery.

Agricultural Production Cooperative «Agrokombinat «Snov» 

222615, Nesvizh Region, s. Snov, Lenin St. 

Tel.: +375 1770-5-61-95, 5-61-87 

fax: +375 1770-5-64-50 

Chairman: Rodaman Nikolay 

Type of activity: Agriculture. 

Export: meat and dairy products. 

Import: Feed additives and raw materials for domestic production.

Republican Unitary Enterprise «Belarusian» 

223036, Minsk Region, p / o "Vinnevka, etc. Komsomolets, st. Central 1a 

Phone.: +375 1754-4-51-41 

fax: +375 1754-4-51-65 

Director: Vyacheslav Tsaruk 

Type of activity: Growing poultry egg production. Development of standards and technical conditions for breeding eggs and breeding poultry. 

Export: Breeding products of hybrid chickens, parental forms of severe experimental type of turkeys "Giant".

Agricultural Production Cooperative «AgroFirma «Luchniki» 

223611, Slutsk Region, v. Luchniki, st. Tsykova 5a 

Phone.: +375 1795-5-55-07, 9-61-02 

fax: +375 1795-5-55-07 

Chairman: Vasilevich Nikolay

Type of activity: Production of agricultural products. 

Export: puree (apple, plum, berries), concentrated apple juice. Elite seed crops, canola. Horse meat and sport, pleasure. 

Import: Equipment for the production of ketchup, bottling, packaging apple juice, filling and packaging of apple jam.