Consumer Goods Industry
Consumer Goods Industry

JV RUE «Smilovichi Felt  Fulling Factory» 

223216, Minsk Oblast, Cherven Region, s. Smilovichi, Respublikanskaya, 47

Phone: +375171453209

Fax: +375171453208

Director: Vasiliy Saban

Type of activity: Manufacture of milled footwear.

Export: Milled male footwear with rubber-bottom, male milled shoes "Arctic", female milled shoes.

Import: Sheep wool.

JSC «Borisov plant «Metallist»              

222120, Minsk Oblast, Borisov, July, 1st str., 6

Phone: +375177733752

Fax: +375177734065

Director: Alexander Frolov

Type of activity: Manufacture of steel enamel cookware, appliances of sanitary purposes: sink, products of tinplate.

Export: Steel, enamel ware, sanitary appliances purpose, products tinplate.

Import: Metal.

Collaboration: Creation of a joint commercial enterprise, providing services for metalprocessing.

PRUE «Borisov Crystal Factory in the name of F. Dzerzhinsky» 

222120, Minsk Oblast, Borisov, Tolstikov str., 2

Phone: +375177734313

Fax: +375177734313

Director: Gennadiy Nester

Type of activity: Production of high-quality cookware from crystal and clear glass, as well as decorative items, light diffusers.

Export: High-quality glassware and crystal clear glass, decorative items, light diffusers.

Import: Raw materials for production: ocher lead, silica sand, hydrofluoric acid, 1,5 water potash, sodium nitrate, chalk, calcined sodium, arsenic anhydride, diamond tools, gold containing paint.

Collaboration: Creation of a joint venture, leasing of production areas.<

JV JSC «Malvina» 

Legal address: 222640, Kletsk, September 17th str., 52-1

Postal address: 220006, Minsk, Nadezhdinskaya str., 34

Phone: +375172973533

Fax: +375172973533

Director: Irina Kulgovaya

Type of activity: Sewing of stuffed toys.

Export: stuffed toys.

Collaboration: Export of goods.

PUE «Enva», PA «BelTIZ» 

222310, Minsk Oblast, Molodechno, V. Gostynets str., 55

Phone: +375176751545

Fax: +375176753921

Director: Vitaliy Dubovik

Type of activity: Manufacturing of electrical products, production tooling

Export: Luminaries LPO, IBO, wiring accessories (sockets, switches, plugs), switches for household and auto/tractors, electrical power connectors, cartridges for fluorescent lamps and starters, extension cords, molds, dies.

Import: Metal (black, color), polystyrene, polypropylene, phenolic plastic.

Collaboration: Creation of representation offices.

JSC «Enef»

5 Metallistov str., Molodechno 222310 Minsk oblast

phone: +3751767-6-39-11

marketing service: +3751767-5-04-58

fax: +3751767-6-03-34


Director: Natalya Golota

Type of activity: production of power and lighting equipment.

Export: electron ballast, lamps, rectifiers.

Import: electron components, technological equipment.

Collaboration: creation of a joint venture.

Belarusian-Spanish JV «Belux Ltd.»

30 Kuznechnaya str., Zhodino 222160 Minsk oblast

phone: +3751775-3-72-52

marketing service: +37517-210-06-85

fax: +3751775-2-19-07

Director: Konstantin Dragun

Type of activity: production of bathroom furniture, sanitary goods.

Export: bathroom furniture, washbasins.

Import: furniture finding, materials, equipment.

JSC «Radoshkovichi Ceramic Plant» 

222322, Minsk Oblast, Molodechneno Region, s. Radoshkovichi

Phone: +375176795494

Fax: +375176795677

Service Marketing Phone: +375176795663

Fax: +375176795670

Acting Director: Georgy Mitko

Type of activity: Manufacture of wall materials.

Export: Single hollow and solid ceramic brick, hollow ceramic thickened brick, ceramic hollow stone.

JSC Belhudozhkeramika 

222322, Minsk Oblast, Molodechno Region, s. Radoshkovichi, Sovetskaya str., 12

Tel: +375176795157

Fax: +375176795170

Director: Yury Katsnelson

Type of activity: Production of ceramic items, kitchen furniture.

Export: Ceramic items for household and decoration, ceramic souvenirs, sets of kitchen furniture.

Import: Pigments, paints, majolica and similar materials.

Collaboration: Dealership relations.