Forestry and Wood
Forestry and Wood

JSC «Syniavka Furniture Factory» 

222652, Minsk Oblast, v. Sinyavka, Fabrichnaya str., 1 

Phone: +375179345480 

Fax: +375179345690 

Acting Director: Vasily Kalenchits  

Type of activity: Manufacture of kitchen furniture, other furniture, other wood, sawing and planing of wood, retail furniture. 

Export: Furniture. 

Import: Furniture, facing materials, solvents.

LLC «Orion» 

222720, Minsk Oblast, Dzerzhinsk, Rynochnaya sq., 1 

Phone.: +375171654916 

Fax: +3751716-54916 

Director: Vyacheslav Tarnagursky 

Type of activity: Production of lumber, profiled wood, building structures. 

Export: Lumber, wood products. 

Import: Spare parts for saws, woodworking equipment.

JSC «Molodechnomebel», branch of Vileyka Furniture Factory 

222410, Minsk Oblast, Vilejka, Volynets STR., 7 

Phone: +375177133384 

Fax: +375177133751 

Director: Nikolay Piskunov 

Type of activity: Production of furniture. 

Export: Furniture from the array for hallways, kitchens, living rooms, classrooms, etc. 

Import: Fittings, dyes, varnishes, resins, laminated fiberboard.

Export Production Republican Unitary Enterprise «Bellesexport» 

222210, Minsk Oblast, Smolevichy, Torgovaya str., 39 

Phone: +375177655834 

Fax: +375177654798 


Director: Yury Kostrenkov  

Type of activity: Sawing and planing of wood. Retail trade in non-specialized stores, mostly food, beverages and tobacco products. Non-specialized wholesale trade of non-food goods. 

Export: Timber in the form of profiled molding. 

Import: Hydraulic handling units.

Unitary Enterprise «Bumazhnaya Fabrika Goznaka» 

222120, Minsk Oblast, Borisov, Zavodskaya str., 55 

Phone: +375177781516 

Fax: +375177780636 

General Director: Vladimir Temruk 

Type of activity: Manufacture of paper, white paper goods, envelopes, printing activity. 

Export: Paper, white paper goods, including envelopes, notebooks.  

Import: Offset paper, adhesive for paper manufacture, pulp, resin, coagulant. 

Collaboration: Creation of dealer network. 

JSC «Borisov Wood Processing Plant» 

222120, Minsk Oblast, Borisov, Zavodskaya str., 45 

Phone: +375 177780132 

Fax: +375 177780139, 81230 

Director: Andrey Taitsky  

Type of activity: Manufacture of wooden fibrous by dry method of production, lumber, fuel pellets. 

Export: Fibreboard, lumber, fuel pellets. 

Import: Carbamide-formaldehyde resins. 

Collaboration: Creation of dealer network. Sale of furniture, purchase of raw materials and components for furniture production.

Belarusian-Germanian Production Joint Venture «Minsk Furniture Centre» Ltd. 

222310, Minsk Oblast, Molodechno, Veliky Hostinets str., 31a 

Phone: +375177368132, 63972 

Fax: +375177353421 

CEO: Vasily Kurgen  

Type of activity: Manufacture of furniture from pine array. 

Export: Dressers, tables, beds, cupboards, shelves, cupboards. 

Import: Finishing and polishing materials, accessories.

JSC «Molodechnomebel»  

222310, Minsk Oblast, Molodechno, Drozdovich str., 14 

Phone: +375177354783 

Fax: +375177351772 


General Director: Valery Bushilo 

Type of business: Manufacture and wholesale of furniture. 

Export: Furniture. 

Import: Equipment, accessories, board materials, chemicals (paints, dyes), facing materials (films, edges). 

Collaboration: Finding partners for furniture selling.

JSC «Slutsk Furniture Factory» 

223610, Minsk Oblast, Slutsk, Kopyl`skaya str., 18 

Phone: +375179552922; 

Fax: 54100, 28624 

Reception: +375179520024 

Sales: +375179556819, 20672 

Director: Igor Kaptsevich  

Type of activity: Production of office furniture, furniture for conference halls, school laboratory furniture, design and creation of interiors. 

Export: Office furniture, school laboratory, furniture for classrooms. 

Import: Chemical products (nitro), finishings, natural veneer.

FPUIE «BelWood»

78 Kirov str., Starye Dorogi 222932 Minsk Oblast

phone/fax: +3751792-5-44-81


Director: Olga Uberti

Type of activity: production of configer wood articles.

Export: garden lodges, summer houses, decorative grates.

Collaboration: sale of ready-to use production.

JLLC «Interdoors»

14 Selitsky str., FEZ «Minsk», Minsk region 220075 Minsk Oblast

phone: +37517-345-80-92

fax: +37517-299-69-07


Director: Dmitry Kohno

Type of activity: production of room wooden doors.

Export: room wooden doors.

Import: MDF plates, shook, door fittings, glues, lacquer. 

UE «Starobin Timber-Processing Complex»

83 Krasnoznamennaya str., Starobin 223730 Minsk Oblast

phone/fax: +375174-29-95-67

sales department: +375174-29-64-73


Director: Elena Shulga

Type of activity: timber processing and metal processing.

Export: mattersses, wood solid furniture.

Collaboration: creation of a joint venture.

JSC «Stroydetali»

134 Stahakovskaya str., Vileyka 222410 Minsk Oblast

phone/fax: +3751771-5-42-59

marketing department: +3751771-3-25-15


Type of activity: wood processing.

Export: room doors.

Import: MDF, facing materials, polish, dyes, glues.

Belarus-German JV «Tartin» JSC

v. Tychinki, Uzda region 223411 Minsk Oblast

phone/fax: +3751718-5-54-68


Director: Tatyana Egorova

Type of activity: sawing planing of wood.

Export: flat wood trays.

Collaboration: search of new sales partners.

FPIUE «Bel Balt Forest»

133/32 «Voenny gorodok» microdistrict, s. Pleschenitsy 223130 Minsk Oblast

phone: +3751774-7-53-66

fax: +3751774-7-53-80


Director: Vladimir Vasuikovich

Type of activity: sawing and planing of wood.

Export: cutted saw materials.

Import: fixed assets.

JSC «Puhovichi Cardboard Factory»

1 Fabrichnaya str., v. Svetly Bor, Puhovichi region 222818 Minsk Oblast

phone: +3751713-7-65-01

marketing department: +3751713-7-67-32

fax: +3751713-6-01-15


Director: Alexander Savchik.

Type of activity: production of gross rolled sandwich carton.

Export: box carton, carton for book covers, carton for furniture production.

Import: wastepaper.

Collaboration: creation of a joint venture, sale or leasing of manufactory building.

JSC «Borisovdrev» 

222120, Minsk Oblast, Borisov, 30 Let VLKSM str., 18 

Phone: +375177732731 

Fax: +375177731653 

Director: Sergey Legenky 

Type of activity: Plywood, matches, fibreboard. 

Export: plywood, matches, fibreboard. 

Import: Resins, KFMT SFZH, glue, match carton, zinc oxide, Birdsall, zinc white.