Fuel Industry
Fuel Industry

Production Republican Unitary Enterprise «Starobin Peat Plant» 

223644, Minsk Oblast, Slutsk Region, v. Gatsuk 

Phone: +3750179574341 

Fax: +3750179574339 

Director: Alexandr Rakovich 

Type of activity: Manufacture of fuel briquettes and sod peat. 

Collaboration: Finding investors for production process and salling of a new type of products (low degree decomposition peat).

PRUE Zelenoborskoe 

222218, Minsk Oblast, Smolevichy Region, s. Zeleny Bor 

Phone.: +375177525619 

Phone/fax: +375177525650 

Director: Eugeny Savanets 

Type of activity: Production of soil nutrients based on peat,tuberous cushions foreggs, peat pots, baled peat. 

Export: High-level baled peat, nutrient soils on the basis of peat. 

Collaboration: Finding partners for promotion of the enterprise`s production.