Foreign Economic Activity
Foreign Economic Activity

The main goal of the foreign economic activity of the Minsk region is expanding the export of goods and services, ensuring the balance of foreign trade operations based on the implementing effective foreign trade policy.

The principal directions of the regional economic policy of the Minsk region are:

  • introducing new technologies and technological equipment, allowing improving the quality characteristics of products, works and services reaching the level of international standards;
  • mastering the elaboration of new types of products with high added value, certified according to modern international quality standards, sufficient for a systematic increase in export supplies;
  • maintaining and strengthening the competitive position of trade organizations of our region on the traditional markets of Russia and European Union, as well as the expanding the sale markets to foreign countries;
  • expanding and diversifying the organization's distribution network;
  • actively developing export of all types of services.

In 2018 the foreign trade turnover of the region's goods amounted to 13.1 billion US dollars, or 108.7% comparing to 2017, export was 7.3 billion US dollars (114.2%), import was 5.8 billion US dollars (102.4%). The positive balance of foreign trade in goods amounted to 1.5 billion US dollars. Organizations of the region carried out foreign trade operations with 183 countries of the world, goods were supplied to the markets of 152 countries, products were imported from 163 countries.

The main trading partners are the following – Russia (38.2% of the total turnover), China (9.5%), Brazil (4.3%), Ukraine (3.9%), Germany (3.8%), Lithuania (3.6%). Taking into account the total export volume of the Minsk region, the share of exports to the EAEU member states was 45.3%, the share of the EU countries – 14.8%, other countries – 39.9%.

The regional enterprises mainly export products of the chemical and related industries – 42.2%, including fertilizers – 38.3%; vehicles –17%; food products - 14.6%; base metals and products thereof – 5.2%; wood and wood products – 3.5%.

The largest exporting enterprises of our region are: Belarusian Potash Company, Belaz Holding Management Company, Holding Management Company “Minoblmyasomolprom” (unites 4 meat and 4 dairy factories), ALUTECH Group (aluminium profile systems and sectional doors), “Stadler Minsk” (building trains), “Smolevichi Broiler” (poultry producer), “August-Bel” (producer of articles of chemical protection), “BELGEE” (manufacturer of the automobiles).

RUE PA «Belaruskali» - the most important producer of export goods

The bulk of import was the following: equipment and recording apparatus – 24.5%; base metals and articles thereof – 12.6%; products of the chemical and related industries – 12.1%; plant products – 8%; plastics and articles thereof – 7.5%; vehicles – 7.4%. In 2018 the export of services amounted to 797.8 million US dollars, or 119.9% comparing to 2017. The balance of foreign trade was positive and counted 33.8 million US dollars.

Services were exported to 169 countries. The main share of export was transport (73.2%), as well as construction (8.9%), other business (8.4%), tourism (4%) and computer services (3.7%).

The Minsk region has significant potential for the development of tourism, primarily environmental, health, rural, sports, and transit one. The cultural and historical heritage having been accumulated over the centuries represents international interest, and the ecological systems and natural landscapes located in the region are unique. The region possesses a wide network of highly demanded Spa and Wellness organizations for recreation and treatment.

In the Minsk region, constant work is being carried out to enter new European markets for the products of enterprises, as well as African, the Asian region, American markets. Special attention is paid to the Chinese market, which is promising to be supplied by our food products.

All dairy processing enterprises of the Holding “Myasomolprom” have a permission to export their products to China (butter, cheese, whey powder, skimmed milk powder, sterilized milk). Meat processing enterprises and poultry farms of the region are working on accreditation for carrying out deliveries to China (the permission for the supply of frozen beef was obtained by LLC "Veles-Mit", for the supply of poultry products – JSC "Agrokombinat "Dzerzhinskiy" and JSC "Smolevichi broiler").

Enterprises of the region widely presented their products at the first International Import Exhibition in Shanghai. In 2019 JSC Slutsk Cheese-Making Plant and JSC Minsk Dairy Plant No.1 signed the contracts with Chinese companies for the products shipping. JSC "Agrokombinat "Dzerzhinsky" reached an agreement with potential customer and distribution companies to supply products to Zhèjiāng province and the city of Chóngqìng.

In order to increase export revenue in 2018, regional enterprises took part in more than 100 exhibition and fair events held in the near and far abroad (Russian Federation, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, China, Azerbaijan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, India, Kazakhstan, etc.).

The Minsk region has actively participated in the fifth Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Russia in Mogilev (contracts for the supply of industrial products have been signed) and the first Forum of the Regions of Belarus and Ukraine in Gomel (a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Kiev Regional State Administration and an Agreement on trade and economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation with the Zaporozhye Regional State Administration have been signed).

Within the framework of cooperation with the regions of foreign countries, the Minsk region has formed a contractual and legal system allowing interacting on a long-term basis. The Minsk region signed agreements and protocols on cooperation with 88 regions of the near and far abroad countries, including 21 – with the regions of non-CIS countries, 40 – with the Russian Federation, 15 – Ukraine, 12 – other CIS countries and Georgia.