A modern sports and recreation complex was opened in Mihonovichi
A modern sports and recreation complex was opened in Mihonovichi

Another landmark facility has appeared on the sports map of Minsk region - the sports and health center "Kit". It could decorate any large city, including the capital, but the residents of the agricultural town of Mikhanovichi became happy newcomers. Alexander Turchin, chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee, came to congratulate them on such an important event.

As the head of the region noted, the sports and health center was built at the expense of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and Gazprom Transgaz Belarus. The total cost of the facility amounted to 10.6 million rubles. It was erected in a little over a year.

The chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee always comes to the new settlers with gifts, and this time was no exception. Alexander Turchin handed the director of the Children's and Youth Sports School No. 1 of the Minsk region (the “Kit” will be transferred to the balance of this institution) Elena Danilovich a certificate for 30 thousand rubles for the purchase of sports equipment.

To say that the opening of the sports and recreation complex in Mikhanovichi was eagerly awaited is to say nothing. Still, the agro-town is not small (more than 10 thousand people), and there were practically no opportunities for sports. Unless on the basis of a local school - a gym and a football field. The inhabitants of the settlement had no choice but to go to the capital “for health improvement and physical education”. Now this is not necessary.

The symbolic button that preceded the opening of the center was pressed by Alexander Turchin, Vladimir Mayorov and young residents of the agro-town Yulia Dolotova and Sasha Koloshko. Now the complex has officially opened its doors to the first visitors!

After the solemn part, Alexander Turchin went on a tour of the center - you need to see in what conditions the future conquerors of the water element will be raised. After all, the main purpose of the complex is the preparation of a sports reserve for swimming. In the future, on the basis of the Children's and Youth Sports School No. 1 of the Minsk region, a water polo department will be opened.

Also in the center there is a cafe, a phyto-bar. On the street, next to the complex, there are 4 multifunctional sports grounds for football, basketball, tennis, volleyball. A huge amount of work has also been carried out on the territory where a parking lot, paths are equipped, and landscaping has been carried out.

The list of services of the health and fitness center is quite large: residents of the village will be able to visit the pool, bathhouse, sauna, gym both one-time and by subscription. Plus, sports equipment rental will be organized: “Kit”, by the way, is equipped with the most modern equipment. The work of swimming groups, water aerobics services, aquastretching and aquastep is planned. And, of course, the new facility will become a venue for sporting events on an outsourcing basis.

There is no doubt that Kit will be in demand. Indeed, next to Mikhanovichi there are several more small settlements, in which a total of about 40 thousand people live. These are Gatovo, Lugovaya Sloboda, Machulishchi. Transport links are well-established, so everyone can get healthier in the center. Services to the population will be provided for a fee in their free time from the training process.

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