Agriculture and agritourism. What other directions will Belarus and Ingushetia develop
Agriculture and agritourism. What other directions will Belarus and Ingushetia develop

Minsk region and Ingushetia are planning to expand cooperation in the sphere of economy, education and sports. This was discussed at a meeting between Deputy Chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee Denis Kurlenko and First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Ingushetia Oleg Fursov. Representatives of Minsk Regional Executive Committee and other departments also took part in the talks.

Сельское хозяйство и агротуризм. Какие еще направления будут развивать Беларусь и Ингушетия

As Denis Kurlenko emphasized, Belarus has close relations with the Republic of Ingushetia:

— By the decision of the Government, Minsk Regional Executive Committee is assigned as responsible for the development of relations between our republics. A lot is being done in this direction, the trade turnover between Belarus and Ingushetia is growing every year, and there is a positive trend, but our task is to strengthen these ties, increase our presence in the market of Ingushetia. We have something to show your region.

Oleg Fursov thanked the Deputy Chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee for the reception, noting that the republic has many anniversaries ahead, and Belarusian colleagues will certainly be invited to celebrate them.

Producers of Ingushetia are ready to offer meat and dairy products to Belarusian buyers.

— We have high-quality meat and milk, these products can also be the subject of discussion. We are ready to consider the possibility of opening our stores in Belarus, — said Oleg Fursov.

During the negotiations, the parties raised the problem of the lack of trading houses in Ingushetia, where all Belarusian products would be presented. As Denis Kurlenko emphasized, work will also need to be done in this direction.

According to the chairman of the tourism committee of the Republic of Ingushetia, Beslan Miziev, under the sanctions, tourist interest in the region has increased several times. The chairman of the committee is sure that it would be interesting for the Belarusians to visit Ingushetia.

— We have a lot of historical and cultural monuments. We are ready to conduct an info tour for Belarusian tour operators so that they can see with their own eyes the full potential of our region and be able to offer it to their clients. It would be good if air communication with the North Caucasus were established. In any case, we will also come up with such an initiative, — Beslan Miziev assured. — We are also interested in your experience in the field of agritourism, this area is not as well developed in our country as in yours. We would like to adopt the Belarusian experience.

As for tourism, Denis Kurlenko and Oleg Fursov made a proposal: to show videos on the national TV channels of the two countries that would reflect the tourism potential of Belarus, Minsk region and Ingushetia.

A proposal was made to develop bilateral cooperation in the field of sports and education.

— Our sport is at a very good level, you also have a strong sports school. We are ready to hold joint competitions, training camps: at our base or yours,— Oleg Fursov noted. — As for sports, it can be wrestling, judo, sambo. You have a strong federation, but we also have someone to show.

During the meeting, the parties discussed cooperation in the field of education and youth policy. Yury Larichev, Deputy Head of the Main Department for Education of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, noted that the Central Region is interested in the experience of Ingushetia in terms of vocational education.

— We do not have higher educational institutions, but we give a good vocational education. But we would still like to see how this work is set up for you. We can share our developments, — suggested Yuri Larichev. The parties also agreed to prepare an Agreement on cooperation between the Minsk region and the Republic of Ingushetia by mid-July. And prepare a number of proposals that will be of interest to the parties.  

At the end of the meeting, Denis Kurlenko and Oleg Firsov signed the Protocol of the first joint meeting of the working group on cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Ingushetia and exchanged memorable gifts.

— You have true friends, colleagues and partners on Belarusian soil. I think that our cooperation will not be limited to the signing of important protocol things, but will move into a more practical area,— Denis Kurlenko summed up.


In 2021, the trade turnover between Belarus and the Republic of Ingushetia amounted to $2.5 million. At the same time, products worth $2.3 million were exported and imported - $0.1 million.

In 2021, supplies of furniture and its parts, seating furniture and its parts, tableware and kitchen glassware increased. At the same time, supplies of fresh apples, pears and quince, unglazed ceramic tiles, machines and devices for lifting, moving, loading or unloading were reduced.

The basis of imports was the supply of equipment for measuring and controlling electrical quantities and radiation, computers for automatic processing of information, and hand tools.

The export of goods from the Minsk region to the Republic of Ingushetia in January-March 2022 amounted to $132.4 thousand (84.7% rate). Supplies of insulated wires, cables, tableware and kitchen glassware, hygiene items for women and children were increased. At the same time, deliveries of furniture and its parts, machinery and mechanical devices for special purposes, and ceramic tiles were reduced. Import deliveries in January-March 2022 were not carried out.

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