“Managers need to go on business trips more often” - A. Turchin on the results of his trip to Kazakhstan
“Managers need to go on business trips more often” - A. Turchin on the results of his trip to Kazakhstan

Chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Turchin returned from Kazakhstan on June 1, where he spent two days on a working visit. He told Minskskaya Pravda about the results of the trip, new contracts and areas of international cooperation.

«Руководителям нужно чаще бывать в командировках» — Турчин о результатах поездки в Казахстан

— Kazakhstan is very close to me as a country. While working in the government, I headed the Intergovernmental Belarusian-Kazakhstan Commission, I have many friends in this country, - said the head of the region. — We can single out 2 vectors of the result of our visit. First of all, these are meetings with the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Kazakhstan, Roman Sklyar, with whom we discussed, among other things, the creation of joint ventures in Kazakhstan. These are the projects that we started 2-3 years ago, we would like to bring them to their logical conclusion.

The next direction is interregional cooperation.

— We met with the akim of the Karaganda region Zhenis Kasymbek. Again, at one time he worked in the government in the status of Deputy Prime Minister, and we headed the Intergovernmental Belarusian-Kazakhstan Commission. The Karaganda region is approximately equal to the Minsk region in terms of population, it is much larger in area, but we have a lot in common.

During the visit of Alexander Turchin to Kazakhstan, contracts worth more than $14 million were signed. 

According to the chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee, during business meetings all the officials also noted the high quality of Belarusian products.

— And based on the preliminary volumes that were signed and contracted during the 2-day visit, we can talk about the high interest of our partners in the food processing products of the Minsk region. In summary, we can say that now is the time when any leader needs to travel more often. Because when you visit any region, any country, there are always certain topics that you can implement, even which you do not expect. But somewhere in the course of conversations, negotiations, they come up, and you start to think about how to implement them.

According to the results of last year, the Minsk region with the Republic of Kazakhstan had a record trade turnover of $1 billion 92 million. “And if in the first quarter there is a decrease in trade turnover with Kazakhstan in the whole country, then there is again growth in the Minsk region,” the chairman of  Minsk Regional Executive Committee emphasized.

— Therefore, Kazakhstan is one of the priorities of our foreign economic activity, and I think that in the future we will intensify these forms of cooperation.

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