"The largest in the region and country." The main carrier of Minsk region became the "Leader of the Year 2021"
"The largest in the region and country." The main carrier of Minsk region became the "Leader of the Year 2021"

JSC "Minoblavtotrans" was awarded the Grand Prix diploma of the International Business Prize "Leader of the Year 2021" in the nomination "Transport Services" for ensuring a high level of organization of transportation, the introduction of electronic information systems and an effective management culture.


Over 65 years moving

In general, the first intercity transportation in the Minsk region began in the 1920s, when the first regular flight to Slutsk was opened from the capital of the BSSR. However, the rapid development of passenger traffic received only after the Great Patriotic War, when the authorities managed to restore the infrastructure. Minoblavtotrans has existed as an enterprise since 1955. It was constantly modernized, grew by new branches, but it invariably performed an important function - the transportation of people and goods. It has been operating in a modern format since 1999.

Modernization and digitalization

Today, the routes of the enterprise cover over 3 thousand settlements of the central region, through which more than 840 buses and 450 trucks run. Think about the figure: every year the company's cars and buses cover about 70 million kilometers. And more than 100 million passengers are transported, which is about 10 times more than the population of our country. Daily work of JSC "Minoblavtotrans" is provided by over 3 thousand employees.

- The enterprise consists of 16 branches located in regional centers and large settlements of the Minsk region, - continues Vladimir Fedorovich. - There are 26 objects in the system of bus stations and bus stations, most of them have been modernized and meet all modern requirements. Over the past few years, the company has completed the reconstruction of two bus stations - in Borisov and Vileika - and two bus stations - in Nesvizh and Stolbtsy.

The changes concern not only the appearance and design. Among other things, modern information systems have been installed, which include a centralized electronic ticket sales system. Travel documents can be bought both in terminals and on the Internet. And when performing urban transportation in many regional centers, you can purchase a coupon by scanning a QR code, which ensures comfort for passengers. By the way, bus stations are inclusive. That is, people with limited mobility will be able to use the new terminals without any problems. In the next few years, it is planned to renovate the stations in Volozhin and Soligorsk.

- We use an automated dispatching transport control system operating in real time. This approach allows you to track each unit of transport and, in the event of an emergency, respond to it in time, avoiding downtime or other negative economic effects, not only in Belarus, but also abroad.

This is a fairly effective system that allows you to control transport in many parameters: speed, time and duration of a stop, location. Of course, we see who is driving and for how long, because the observance of the work and rest regime, especially on cargo transportation, is an extremely important parameter for safety.

Vehicles renewal and tourism potential

It is important that the company relies on the renewal of its vehicle fleet. This applies to both passenger and freight traffic. After all, new technology significantly reduces operating costs and allows you to increase economic performance. This is especially true for the export of services - one of the most important components of the commercial success of affiliates

“In the past few years, we have purchased 250 new buses and more than 100 trucks. To one degree or another, renewal takes place every year. Annually - about 40 units, at the expense of both their own and the regional budget. Just in November, we purchased 30 suburban buses, which are intended for transportation mainly in rural areas.

The main partners of OJSC "Minoblavtotrans" are the largest industrial enterprises of the capital, Minsk, Grodno and Mogilev regions. Our equipment works at large construction sites in the country. In particular, the organization renders services to one of the contracting enterprises operating in the maintenance of the Belarusian NPP. They also provide services in the branches of the enterprise.

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