"The stars lit up in Dzerzhinsk." New Year's charity event "Our Children" has started in Minsk region
"The stars lit up in Dzerzhinsk." New Year's charity event "Our Children" has started in Minsk region

The regional inclusive festival of creativity "Light your star", which took place today in Dzerzhinsk, launched the events of the New Year's charity event "Our Children" in Minsk region. Special children from all districts of Minsk region came to the festival to once again prove that the opportunities for real talents are really endless.

The New Year's atmosphere greeted the guests of the festival - students of institutions of general secondary, special, additional education for children and youth, centers of correctional and developmental education and rehabilitation - even on the way to Dzerzhinsk City House of Culture, where the main action was to unfold. It was funny and noisy in the central square of the city, around the main Christmas tree of the district. Anyone could prove themselves in various activities with the participation of Santa Claus, Snow Maidens and other fairy-tale characters, as well as visit the fair of folk craftsmen.

Well, the festival itself, by tradition, included exhibitions of arts and crafts and a concert program. Participants of the regional event tried to reveal their talents in 7 nominations: vocals, literary creativity, performance on musical instruments, choreography, theatrical art, applied art and visual arts. From 64 applications for participation in the final of the festival, the organizing committee selected 20 numbers for the gala concert. In the nominations "Applied Artistic Creativity" and "Fine Art" 556 works were presented, and more than 150 were selected for the exhibition.

In the small hall of the House of Culture, a particularly warm and sincere (albeit a little exciting) atmosphere reigned. The expositions of 23 districts and the city of Zhodino presented skilful and original works of children and young people with unlimited possibilities. A variety of directions and techniques surprised and delighted the guests of the festival: 25 real paintings and about 120 handicrafts made of stone, wood, fabric, paper and even flowers. Painstaking work on a creative canvas and even more persistent work on oneself. This is how these works, amazing in their essence, were created. The source of inspiration for their authors was most often the natural beauty of their native land and, of course, everyone's favorite New Year and Christmas holidays. But the main thing is that each work exuded warmth and love for life and the world around us.

One of the honored guests, a Paralympian, public figure, businessman Alexei Talai, also expressed his admiration for the work of special children:

- It is very important for each of us to prove ourselves in life, to find and open the very God's potential that is inherent in man. And the Light Your Star Festival is the result of colossal work, which has turned into a real celebration of life and kindness. Children are our everything - and adults have a responsibility to make sure that they have the opportunity to become happy and successful.

The solemn part of the festival was opened by the Deputy Chairman of Minsk Region Executive Committee Ivan Markevich:

“Today's festival and the campaign“ Our Children ”as a whole again demonstrate how much attention is paid to children in the country and the Minsk region in particular, how important each child is to us. All the guys now have the opportunity to open up, to prove themselves in various fields and good deeds. And I am confident that the more we do for our children, the stronger the foundation of our society will be.

And then the festive concert began. His program included musical and dance compositions, theater miniatures, and poetry reading. The performance of the artists was sincere and bright, so the applause did not stop in the hall. All participants received gifts and diplomas of the festival.

By the way, the New Year's charity event "Our Children" has just begun its march across the country. Until January 14, matinees, festive masquerades and fabulous performances will be held in each educational institution of the region - about 6 thousand events in total, in which more than 160 thousand children will take part. On New Year's and Christmas days, children who are brought up in foster and foster families, boarding schools, family-type homes, live in large and low-income families will not be left without attention. The main goal of the action is to give attention and care to every child. And yet - the belief in a miracle.

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