Oblast State Youth Policy
Oblast State Youth Policy

At the beginning of 2010 every fourth inhabitant of the oblast is a young man aged 14 - 31 years (393.929 people, or 26,9% of the total inhabitants of the oblast). 230.000 young people live in urban areas (58%) and 163.900 - in rural areas (42%).

The oblast authorities established regulatory and legal framework to regulate youth employment and recreation. Each year, the executive committees make decisions to improve implementation of regional programs «Youth» and their financial provision.

Thanks to interaction of ideological activists, public youth and children organizations in 2009 there were events and actions devoted to public holidays and observances. The most significant among them are the following: «We are the citizens of Belarus», «Let`s bow to that great dates», «Together for the strong and prosperous Belarus», «Memory», «Young Minsk Oblast with love for the homeland» and others.

Temporary employment of youth in the period from 1 May to 30 September amounted to more than 18.000 people, including 587 young people employed in 32 student teams, which is 9 teams more than in 2008.

Competitions among young mechanics at the spring sowing, youth harvesting crews and drivers engaged in grain transportation, competition of professional skills among young operators of machine milking, tillers, drivers, nurses, seamstresses, hairdressers are held to stimulate young workers. They are held in close collaboration with trade unions and youth public organizations of the oblast.

In order to promote healthy lifestyles, prevention of alcoholism, drug addiction, delinquency the authorities hold inspections of the level of physical training for young people on the program «Defender of the Fatherland», the traditional contest «Golden Puck», «Leather Ball», the festival of healthy lifestyle «Olympia», actions «Youth for healthy lifestyle», tourist gatherings of students and young workers. Within the World Day for Prevention of AIDS we hold awareness-raising campaign, competitions, round tables, debates for young people and much more.

Regional radio channels have special programs for youth: «Youth», «Youth Channel», «Same Age», «Youth News» and others. Oblast, regional newspapers release monthly youth liners, pages and regular columns.

International Youth Collaboration.

In 2009 Minsk Oblast regions held over 80 events to develop youth tourism and international collaboration.

Within international youth collaboration and according to bilateral agreements of 2009, the oblast hosted: international youth camp «Volunteer» with participation of partnership organizations from Belarus, Russia, Great Britain and Sweden (Logoysk region);

International Voluntary Camp «Castles of Belarus» (Nesvizh region);

UNESCO Clubs International Summer University (Volozhin region);

XI International Youth Festival «Youth of Belarus and Russia in the XXI century together» (Smolevichi region).

In August 2009, Minsk Oblast youth delegation took part in International Forum of partnership regions of Leningrad Oblast «Youth – World without Boarders 2009».

In October 2009 the Oblast delegation took part in international youth conference «Youth Entrepreneurship and Youth Tourism Development Perspectives in the Baltic States» (Kaliningrad Oblast, the Russian Federation).